Severe Migranes Am I Alone Here

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~Terra - September 27

I have been experiencing severe migranes with nausea, for the last month, month and a half, and one plagues me sometimes as regularly as once a week, or once every two weeks... It is accompanied by vomitting... Is this hormonal do you think? I misscarried in the end of May, and was preg again right away in July after I had my first reg. menstral cycle.. I had headaches with my first born, but nothing like this!


hi - September 27

How far along are you? I am now 14 weeks & 5 days, I have had them from about 8 weeks, but not so bad now!! And I think it was from the lack of water for me (being sick, I just could'nt keep it down) Also I was stressed out heaps, from my son, and due to the fact my partner and I were going through a seperation!! If you are really worried about it, you should talk to your doctor! Oh and I found drinking chamomile tea helped releif it a lot!! Good luck with it :))


Amy - September 27

Terra - I have had really bad migraines with this pregnancy. I had them with my first but only until 14 weeks or so and they weren't that bad. I did have a m/c between pregnancies. I am now almost 19 weeks and just starting to feel better -- at least not have a headache every day with nausea. Seriously, a week 1/2 ago I almost took myself to the hospital because I couldn't keep a thing down and my head hurt so bad. I don't know why but a few days ago.. I just started feeling better. I hope the same happends to you and you feel better soon. My doctor was a little annoyed that I didn't call him and tell him about the headaches. There is something they can give you if it gets really bad. Good luck...


Terra - September 27

hi: I'm 13 12 wks, almost 13 wks, maybe it is alot of daily strain, with my first born, I had alot more rest and relaxation, and this time I'm busy with my day care stuff out of my house and a 5 year old, but oh it hurts when they come on


~Terra - September 27

HI Amy. I'm glad to see that it isn't abnormal, I was a little worried about it. And there are times when I probably could go to the hospital, for not being able to keep fluids in me.. How long did yours last? Mine are usually around 8 hrs long, until I can fall asleep for the night. (I'm almost 14 wks) I go see my doc this week, so I'll ask him about the migranes and see if he knows of any drugs I can take to put me out of my misery!


natalie - September 27

im 18 weeks pregnant, and from 6 weeks i avent had a day where i havent had a headache, even now i have a headache but im learning to deal with it. every other day it turns into a migrane and then drops back down to a headache the next day and then flare up again the next etc. its a viscious cycle. i find having real flowers in the house makes it worse, espicially tiger lillys, as the pollen makes the headaches worse, or eating cheese or chocolate and drinking hot chocolate or coffee. as theres not much you can take i tryed some natural ways to get rid of a headache, which consisted of using vapo rub on the head and back of the neck and also i would eat a portion of ice cream in less than 30 seconds. you get serious brain freeze, and it hurts like hell, but when the freeze goes, the headache lifts aswell! i hope this can help


michelle - September 28

The beat thing for migranes atleast for me is a bottle of gatorade and the scent of rosemary just don't put it on youre skin!!! you can find it at any herbal store in oil or candle form it really works great!!!


Amy - September 28

Terra - seriously I don't think my migraines ever went away when I was getting them (happy to say I have been headache free for almost a week - YEAH.. I am just 20 weeks and should have felt better weeks ago! :)). I would wake up with a light headache and they would just get worse as the day went on. By night time, I couldn't keep dinner down and I would try to go to sleep around 8 (after I put my little 2 year old to bed). It was awful, I was nauseas.. it got better but never went away.. and I tried everything. My doctor suggested a hot coke (it opens blood vessels), 2 tylenol, and cold wash clothes -- I hate coke in general but I tried it. I was soooo sick! I hope that you feel better soon. I would call your doctor if you don't start feeling better soon. :)


Amy - September 28

Natalie, you sound exactly like me. Hopefully, by the end of the week you will feel better (18 1/2 weeks was my magic number for some reason). It was a bad cycle.. better to worse to awful -- and then it would start over again the next day! I wish I had a secret remedy.. maybe try what Michelle suggested - although the smell of any herb would cause me to get sick. I pray they don't come back and that yours go away!! xoxo


Terra - September 29

Well I hope it will go away, who knows though, I suffer from migranes as it is. I've never heard of drinking hot coke though... I'll be seeing my doc today so I'll bring that up for sure... See what he can come up with.. But I"m like you, it starts of not too bad, then just gets worse and worse, so I totally get it.


Natalie - September 29

amy - nah i cant drink gatorade, i dont think its sold over in england, also hate the smells of herbs. it hasnt seemed to have gone away, but hey, 19 weeks on saturday maybe itll be gone by then. i am so used to it, but slightly concerned because i know its possible to link to pre eclampsia! scary. on a lighter note, i had a nice bath, and everytime i washed hot water over my bump the baby kicked, i could see my bump move aswell! it was fun! playing iwth my baby before its gone. although i think its kick happy today, it kicks all the time at the moment! wierd!



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