Severe Pain With Fibroids

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Mary - August 1

I am 15 weeks pregnant. I had a pretty risk free pregnancy until this past weekend. I have a 10 cm pedunculated fibroid that is on the outside of my uterus. I have been having severe pain associated with the fibroid. The pain is constant and sharp. I can't sleep on my sides, walk, or do regular stuff. My doctor wants me to take morphine and other strong pain medicines. Does anyone else have any experience with this type of pain and taking strong pain relievers like morphine? I don't want to harm the baby, but the doctor says it's ok. Does anyone out there have similiar experiences?


De - August 1

I just had my appendix out just as i was turning 3 months and they had me on morphine for pain. They told me as long as it isnt used for a long period of time is wont hurt the baby


jess - August 1

i have a 15 cm fibroid.....sometimes a fibroid will 'infarct' - cut off its own blood supply, and it can be very painful -BUT the good thing when its done doing this the pain stops, perhaps speak to your dr and if this is the situation then u can decide if u wanna handle the pain on your own or knowing that taking the morphine for a limited time might be rea__suring.......i haven't had this happen 4 me...yet....but i kinda wouldn't mind, cause after it has infarcted it shrinks!!! i did have to have a spinal-with morphine at 11 weeks pregnant, and baby is just fine........


HDF - August 1

I am 24 weeks and also have a painful fibroid on the outside of my uterus. (thought I was alone) Mine was discovered in my 19th week. I am not taking medication. I found that I was having more pain while working...I had to stand up to 9 hours a day. I decided to stop working and that seems to have subsided the pain a bit. I don't know what kind of advice to give you about the morphine, can you maybe start out with something a bit more mild to see if it works first. Good luck and keep us updated.


Mary - August 4

It's so encouraging to see that that other women also have similar stories to tell. A little update on me. I went to the ER this week and got morphine, because the pain was awful. I have been put on prescription strength Motrin for 3 days every 6 hours. I was very scared about the drugs, but it seems to have helped. My doctor says that Motrin is for inflammation. I guess I have to trust the doctor. Does anyone have stories about Motrin? Please keep updating how you are doing. It's good knowing that other people are doing well with fibroids.


G - August 14

For Mary: I was just released from the hospital where I was treated for painful fibroids in my 16 week of pregnancy. I was given IV Pain meds-which helped greatly-I was also given Motrin to take for about 3 days every 6-8 hours. The doctor says that it will help with inflammation-I do feel better-He said motrin was OK as long as it is prescribed by a doctor and taken for only a few days. Like you, I have to trust his counsel. Best wishes!


Laura - August 14

I have 12 cm fibroid at 20 weeks- I think it just started to infarct this weekend- the pain is pretty bad and it comes with some spotting and frequent urination, just like the books say... I am also a scientist and I specialize in research on morphine. I personally would not take an opiate during pregnancy. My doctor is going to prescribe indocin (indomethacin) which is an NSAID similar to Advil- which is safer for pregnancy than advil. For now, it's low doses of tylenol, a heating pad on my side and my feet up. If you absolutely need an opiate- start with codeine in Tylenol3. I hope you feel better because this really sucks.


Mary - August 15

G: when I was reading your post, I thought I was reading my own! The same thing happened to me. I went back to the ER a week and half ago and was given morphine and told to take motrin 600mg for 3 days 4x a day. And I want to tell you there is hope. I am feeling so much better now. I don't know if it's going to last, but I am trying to enjoy the good days. I also went to see another ob doctor who told me that motrin is ok during pregrancy when you are past your first trimester, but of course I woudn't overtake it. Laura: Thanks for the advice about opiates. I was very scared about, but I trusted my doctor who said that the pain must be controlled or it could lead to the uterus contracting. I hope everything goes well with you. I haven't heard of indocin (indomethacin), but according to my doctor motrin is better for the pain a__sociated with fibroid than tylenol. I think it has to do with the inflammation part. Anyway, I hope everyone feels better. Please keep me posted, and I will keep you poasted as well to the baby's progress! Best wishes! :P 17 weeks and counting. :)


Erika - August 17

I am 16 weeks pregnant. I started having SEVERE abdominal pain where I wasn't able to do anything either. I am not sure of the actual size of my fibroid, but the doctor told me to rest for a few days and I could take motrin. I have done so for a few days and I am now feeling better. The good thing is, as I understand, when the pain is severe it is probably degenerating which means it shouldn't grow anymore. I would not take morphine, that is way too strong. I was in so much pain I couldn't even walk and the motrin and rest helped. Try that first before you try anything too drastic.



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