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Shelby - November 19

When I am pregnant I lose the desire to have s_x, is there anyway to help bring it back?


claire - November 19

i would like to know the same thing as i have completely gone off it.x


trina - November 22

Read some erotica, or watch a good s_x movie, like unfaithful. That always gets me horney.


Liza - November 22

Oh! I want NOTHING to do with it either! Glad to know I am not alone.


NewlywedLove - November 22

I am 10 weeks pregnant and I have had no desire either! My husband is going crazy, but I just don't feel very attractive right now I just feel bloated all the time. I sure hope that it changes I feel so guilty.


aria - November 28

Yay! I'm not the only one who's like "s_x? whats that?" now that Im preg. It's like the day I for sure found out I was preg my desire for s_x went from like "I want it and I want it now" to "get the hell away from me with that"


bry - November 28

s_x is supposed to be pretty pleasurable in mid 2nd trimester. due to all the blood flow


Shelby - November 29

Hi Bry, thanks for the encouragement but I must have a stuck valve some where in my body, cause my blood obviously ain't flowin in the right places!! :) I'm learning to be creative in other ways! Only 4 months to go!


jamie - December 1

actually i am the total opposite...i could have s_x 3 times a day!!!!any one else have that??


Shelby - December 1

Oh Jamie I am so jealous...please tell us your secret! What's in your prenatal pill!! :)


Sabrina - December 1

About 40% of women experience more s_xual arousal and about 1/3 experience decreased arousal. It's your hormones. Don't worry about it - there's nothing you can do to change it. Often you may regain the desire in the 3rd trimester if not sooner. The arousal response also changes from preg to preg, so don't think this would happen again next time.


Sabrina - December 2

Thanks Sabrina, I appreciate the info! Hopefully it comes back in the 3rd trimester!


Sheena - December 2

I am the same way as Jamie, I feel like I could have s_x all the time. I don't know what it is, but i could do it all the time!


Krista - December 3

I love s_x, its awesome and i seem to get an orgasm alot faster too! but sometimes i get cramping after is that normal?!


jamie - December 3

i don't have any secrets it's just all the hormones....I'm glad I'm not the only one who is expeiriencing this...Now I have to convince my husband to want me the same amount,he works to hard all day.....


jamie - December 3

hey krista,after orgasm the same thing happens to me and I've heard it's normal:)so keep loving it...I know I do!


Tasha - December 9

Hi, Jamie...I was completely the same way from the very beginning of my pregnancy. My husband actually told me he couldn't keep up and needed a break! I am in mid second trimester now and my s_x drive is just now starting to slow down! I think my husband is grateful. Before I got pregnant I think he wished I wanted it more. Now he has nicknamed me the Energizer Bunny.



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