Sex And I Don T Mean The Babys Sex

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Allie - July 19

Ok ladies. I posted this in the Sex and Pregnancy section also but I thought you all might have some info on it. I have a really weird question but it's one that I'd really like your advice on. And no this is not a joke. I am a little over 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby. My s_x drive has been pretty much non-existent since I got pregnant, but I still enjoy the closeness of course so me and DH try to "be together" at least once every week, usually closer to 2 weeks. Anyways, we had s_x the other night and afterwards my husband had what looked like cuts "down there." Sorry again if TMI but the cuts or whatever were right where the head ends and the shaft begins, right under the "fold" I guess you'd call it. Well we weren't being any rougher or having s_x for any longer time than we normally do, and I wasn't extra dry or anything down there. Any ideas? We are both really confused about what might have caused this. Anyone experienced anything similar? Thanks for an help ladies.


Marivic - July 19

Pregnancy hormones affect all sorts of things, including hair growth, texture, etc. And not just the hair on your head, if you know what I mean. The only thing I can think of is that your pubic hair might be more coarse than usual, which can cause slight abrasians if it gets in the way of things. Maybe a trim? Extra hair conditioner?? I dunno, but good luck!


Jennifer - July 20

Were the cuts there before you had s_x?


Allie - July 20

No they weren't there before we had s_x. I was "down there" before the actual intercourse and I would've noticed them. Any ideas?


Huh - July 20

Thats weird. Im 27 weeks pregnant and noticed the same thing on the side of my lip down there. Just one little cut. I don't understand because Ive been tested for stds and haven't had any problems. I have know idea what it could be, but it does weird me out. It doesn't hurt or anything though-Kim


C - July 20

My boyfriend seems to have an irritated p___s more than usual after s_x with me, too... my theory was that maybe the chemistry in my v____a has changed and is irritating him. Maybe this could be a similar thing happening to you.


Jennifer - July 21

I don't know about you girls, but since I've been pregnant, I've gotten very tight down there. Sometimes s_x is uncomfortable for me. I've read it's due to the extra blood flow and our v____a's become engorged. Maybe you have gotten tighter, and the "fit" is tighter when you have s_x. Maybe that caused friction against his skin that in turn caused his skin to tear a little. That's all I can think of. Did you use lubricant? I can't do it without lots of lube anymore.


concerned - July 21

Wow, well, if you are absolutely positive that it occured during intercourse, it sounds like you better call your doctor. S_x should not cause injuries. Hope you figure it out, but I would deffinately call the doctor.


Bree - July 21

What about yeast infection? Have you been itchy? Maybe he has one? Just a thought.


Me - July 22

If your saying that it was on the end of his p___s (around the head) ...That has happened to me and my husband before too. (and not just while I am pregnant) it is from your v____a - you can have high acidic levels which kind of leave "burn" looking marks on your man. As my man says - "your juices are eating away at me!" We just don't have s_x for a few days - or you might want to try a condom...anyways, it sounds normal to me (as it happens sometimes to us) and I would not worry. Being pregnant causes alot of changes down there for us lucky women:)



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