Sex During Pregnancy Painful Anyone

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jessica72 - January 16

Kind of personal question, but having s_x has become very painful, almost feeling like a virgin all over again! And then afterwards, my area down there aches for hours afterwards. Could it be due to the fact that we don't do the deed that much lately anyway due to size, fatigue, worry, etc. so when we do it hurts or is it because the cervix gets lower during pregnancy.


Stephie14 - January 16

Hmmmm.... I don't know. I think if anything the s_x has increased for us. I wouldn't call it painful, only uncomfortable if he goes too deep and hits my cervix. Sometimes it feels a little sore afterwards, but not always.


pebblesnbambam - January 16

Oh my.. your post looks exactly like an earlier post from me. I talked to my doctor about it and she suggested using a water based lubricant.. IT HAS MADE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. Also she said to try various positions.. ones where you can control the depth. Hope this helps.. it helped me!


Tammy276 - January 16

me and my hubby don't have s_x due to this....and because I have NO s_x drive right now..I am 30 weeks and we have had s_x maybe 3 times since we conceived...poor guy....It is painful for me, even if we use we just don't do it


laurenl - January 16

Tammy...girl you sound like me. It's almost like a joke with me and my husband now. I feel sorry for him. I've heard that your s_x drive either goes way up or way down. He was hoping for it to go up, but unfortunately for's opposite. SAD!


SaraH - January 17

Jessica, it is normal, and it's just due to all of changes that have occurred down there due to the pregnancy -extra blood supply, extra discharge (which by the way my doc said the discharge and extra moisture can cause irritation all on there own -I've had a lot this-), etc. As pebbles said use a lubricant. My dh and I have been using a water based lubricant since the beginning of the pregnancy b/c I'm WAY too sore otherwise. Personally I’m sore around the outer edges, but often it’s deep penetration that is a problem b/c of the cervix being more sensitive, as Stephie14 mentioned. So, try the lubrication as that will probably help. It might not make it completely comfortable but it should help –with me personally it still hurts right to start w/ but once he’s in (sorry I know that’s way too much TMI), it's completely fine. If it’s the deep penetration that hurts though then change positions (a s_x/pregnancy book we have says that sitting in a chair, girl on top is good when depth is what’s uncomfortable). Anyways, don't worry about it as it is pretty common for pregnancy make s_x uncomfortable.


Tammy276 - January 17

laurenl, I"m glad to hear I"m not the only one... My hubby seems to think that it should go up and I'm like, Not always, sometimes it is the opposite..The other night I gave into him just so he would leave me alone for a while! LOL. how romantic right..and then the whole time hes like "are you o.k., does it hurt, should we stop"..NO! just keep going and get it done with already!!! The more you stop and talk the longer it takes!


lunastarliteyes - January 17

I am the same as you Jessica. It's very painful and not because of dryness either. We use a water based lubricant, but it still hurts! I feel like a virgin when we have s_x. Also, I am carrying my baby low, so I am thinking that could have something to do with it. They say you carry girls lower (they also say your s_x drive goes down when you are pregnant with a girl, and I am thinking this is why.. too low). Are you having a girl, or do you know? Maybe it is totally unrelated, but that is my personal explanation to my boyfriend.


jessica72 - January 17

Lunar, I am carrying a girl! hmmm..and I feel like I'm carrying her kind of low too. My s_x drive comes and goes. I have the desire some days, but not the desire for the discomfort and then the worry afterwards. I don't think my husband is hitting my cervix, but that's probably because I don't let him in too deep. Plus I've got him using a condom to prevent infection just in case. He is so understanding, poor any kind of s_x they can get at this stage they'll take.


pueppschen - January 24

Hi, I have the same problem. But my drive is always high, and I want it all the time, but everytime we start, I go "dont touch me here, and dont touch me there" and even though we have been using lubricant, it is still very painful.


c_baer19 - January 24

Lol, my poor husband was trying to be very romantic last night, brought me flowers and wanted to make love to me, and I wasn't really in the mood (but I rarely am nowadays) but I did anyway, and I actually had to hold back my laughter - I felt so bad! - because he was being all romantic and I was just so not into it, lol. It's so odd now, I used to love s_x (TMI) but now, when he touches me down there, it's almost weird to me and I react more like if someone's tickling me than anything else, lol.


crystal74 - January 25

i am 35 weeks now and s_x is painful for me too. i can't brag that he is long, but he is big in circ_mference and i too feel like i'm a virgin all over again. and it scares me that if i can't handle his p___s how the heck am i going to push out a baby??? i read that continuing s_x is good to kind of stretch it for labor so i keep trying but ouch. although it is frustrating, it's pretty funny trying our hardest to find a position that works and none do. we just laugh and laugh



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