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Ruth - March 23

How soon can the doctor tell if you're having a boy or a girl??


JJ - March 23

I found out at 16 weeks.


kiki - March 24

i found out in my 18 week


New_mom - March 24

I go in for mine at 21 wks.


Beth - March 24

I have a dr apt April 7 and I will be 19 weeks one day, I called yesterday to see if they would be doing the u/s and they said no not until the 28 week, which I think is ridiculous :0(


Jennifer - March 24

Oh my goodness Beth, that is crazy!!! I can't beleive they aren't doing one until the 28th week. Where are you from? I know where I live in Canada, we have to go for one between 16-20 weeks.


Beth - March 24

I am in California. And as for everyone else I know they all find out between that time too, maybe the furthest 22 weeks, but 28 is ridiculous!! I guess it all depends on the dr. but when I go in on April 7 I am going to ask my dr about it instead of the nurse. and then I am going to tell him I want it done at least by my next apt. which would be 23 weeks. If I only get one and would have to pay for anymore, I should at least get a say in when I get it!!


Kelly - March 24

I found out at 20 weeks


Jennifer - March 24

I agree, I think that waiting until 28 weeks is ridiculous, I couldn't imagine waiting that long. I think you should tell the doctor that you want to have one done before then before. Just tell him that you would feel better knowing that everything is OK with the baby. Are you going to find out what it is?


Beth - March 24

A friend of mine told me that they usually do an ultra sound anywhere between 16-22 weeks to make sure everything is progressing right and measurments are right and that it is somewhat critical that they do this, and that the u/s is not truly meant for the s_x but it is a good time to see it. . .so that worries me why my dr wouldn't do it :0(. Yes I would love to knwo what it is!!


New_mom - March 24

28 wks that is a long time to wait...


Jennifer - March 24

Beth...Yeah I thought that they always did one by the 20th week, to check the measurments and make sure everything is developing properly. They found a spot on the liver on one of the pictures from mine at 19weeks 6days, they are doing another ultrasound next week just to get a better look, because they were not sure if it was the gallbladder or a cyst. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it was just the gallbladder. My doctor told me not to worry about it, but it is kinda hard to get it off my mind.


Beth - March 24

Yeah see, I don't know about my dr's office, I am going to wait until my next apt to lay it on him!!


vmchatters - March 27

I've been told and researched the early as 16 weeks but more common and easier to detect on US around 18 weeks and after. Hope that helps!


Shelly - April 6

I go tomorow and I am 28 weeks


SoCal - April 7

Beth, I live in Southern Cal. and my doc told me I wouldn't get one until 20 wks. I am so impatient, but I couldn't imagine waiting until 28! There is a mall down the road from me that has an U/S place inside it, and you can just walk in and get one, although your insurance doesn't cover it, I've checked into it, and the regular 2d u/s ( the kind they do at the Dr.) costs 50 bucks, and comes with 2 photos....if you are as impatient as I am, you may want to check around your area for one of those, mine out here is called "Fetal Focus".... you may be able to go to a search engine and look for one in your area...hope this helps..


Titch - April 7

I'm 21 wks and I just found out I'm having a boy.



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