SEX Qustion For 2nd Trimesters

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livdea - January 31

Okay ladies, I've been going through this pregnancy alone so I've not been having s_x :( though my s_x drive is through the roof! Well I found out that my exboyfriend (who is not the father) is comming out to visit me. I had to move when I found out I was pregnant to save money. Well he is comming at the end of feburary to see if maybe we can work something out and possibly get back together. Well I know that we will end up having s_x but I'm now getting worried. I've read several posts where you ladies are saying that s_x is getting uncomfortable around 20 or so weeks! I'm 16.5 weeks and when he comes I'll be 20! I want it to be enjoyable still! What makes it uncomfortable? I just want to be some what prepared incase it does happen to me! Maybe I should have posted it under the "s_x" questions but I wanted to hear from you girls I've been talking with and who are around the same time period as me! Thanks girlies!


TCB - January 31

The last time i had s_x was 19 weeks and it still felt great to me! I plan on having alot more when my hudband comes home again in 4 days. The only problem i did have was afterwards and it was just a burning feeling but it went away after about 30 min.


Steph - January 31

I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow and my dh and I still have a great s_x life. The only thing that we cannot do is me on top as it makes me bleed. I talked with my doctor about it and he said it's not a problem because it's due to a sensitive cervix, but to find other positions. So, we have and things are just fine as they were before. Other than the bleeding, I have not had any other issues and it still feels great. My best advice is to try different positions if you feel at all uncomftorable...other than that enjoy and have fun!! :o)


Tillie - January 31

If you have trouble sleeping on your stomach, you'll probably have trouble with the standard missionary position. At least I do! The weight of my husband is too much now (I'm 20 weeks). Other positions like me on top feel good, but I have to admit--not the same! I feel heavy and tire easily. (This sounds so pathetic.) Some people rave about "spooning" s_x... still have to try that. Overall, s_x is just different because your BODY is different. I guess it just takes some adjusting... I hope!


M - January 31

Since you asked... I've been having a really really hard time reaching orgasm since week 17 or so. Never was a problem before... anyone else?


Melanie - January 31

You just have to try various positions and see what works for you. Missionary position got difficult due to dh pressing against my belly, which in turn, pressed the baby against the inferior vena cava, constricting blood supply. Being on top is a good position since you can really make it work for you. Rear entry (spooning or doggie) works well, just needs a little manual c___toral stimulation. I'm sure it will be can just be a little frustrating at first to sort out what's comfortable enough that you can relax into it enough to climax. Enjoy!


Alycia - January 31

I don't think you'll be too uncomfortable. One thing to keep in mind (sorry to be a mood-killer!) is STDs, though. Make sure he's clean or use a condom. Obvious, I know... sorry.


Tess - January 31

Im 24-25 wks pg....and Dh and I are still doin it....almost every other day :D *smilez* Try to be in a relax position and comfortable for you. That will do the job. Goodluck!


jojo - January 31

so I guess the father of this child doesn't care if u have s_x with other people while still carrying his child??


livdea - January 31

Jojo! LOL, I wish he cared! He gave me money for an abortion and said good luck! I took the money and moved... :( My ex knows what he is missing though so that's why we are going to try and see how we feel when he comes out. We were together for over two years and split up for 6 months...I started dating someone else and got pregnant. My ex and I got back together and well it was just a big mess! I'm glad to hear that s_x isn't umcomfortable for everyone!


Tillie - January 31

Oh give me a break.


Tillie - January 31

That was for jojo!


livdea - January 31

Thanks for sharing the love Tillie! :)


Ashley - January 31

I am 22 weeks and I dont even want s_x...I dont know if its me or my boyfriend....i am not really attracted to him right now ( more reason than being pregnant) but when we do have s_x, the entire time I am thinking to myself, please hurry up! I know that all sounds bad but its so true. I dont even have a s_x drive right now! He gets angry at me too but oh well, he will live. ( and no he doesnt deserve me giving in to his needs)


baby#2inaug - January 31

I wish it weren't true, but my s_x drive has gone from needing it all the time, to not wanting it at all. I am 13 weeks along and feel really bad for my fiancee, so I still have s_x with him. Sometimes I end up getting into it and really enjoying it and other times I just can't wait for it to be over. It is wonderful to know I'm not alone. Hang in there ladies. Oh, bye the way we find spooning and Doggie style the most comfortable for us.


Monique - January 31

I'm 26 weeks and missionary has become uncomfortable in the last couple weeks. My dh stopped actually laying on me months ago--but missionary meaning I'm still on my back. What I've found is it's more difficult for me to lubricate without ALOT of forplay... that's a new from second trimester. thant and I tire out more easily.... Try a combo - missionary, then spooning, then on top or doggie!! lol. Good Luck!


ashley - January 31

no I agree with Jo Jo....... Why would you have s_x with an ex boyfriend if you don't know where's he been since you and if you aren't sure you are going to get back together for sure or not. Have some respect for yourself and just because your pregnant and don't have a man, don't jump at the first option.



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