Share Your Experience Fetal Heartbeat And Baby S Gender

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Crazy - October 11

Hi, I am 12 weeks pregnant and I found out from by OB/GYN that my baby's heartbeat s 160pm. Old wives tale says that if heartbeat > 140 then it is a girl. Is it true? Share your experiences on this... This would be healpful for all of us guessing the baby's gender.


cayingo - October 11

My DD stayed above 150 the whole time. This time we're having a boy. He stayed at 160+ for the first tri, but went to low 140s now in the 2nd tri. I don't think there's any science behind the tales, but it seemed true for my 2.


cayingo - October 11

Conversely, the Chinese calendar was wrong on both mine. Go figure! It's fun to predict, but I would wait until your u/s shows you the evidence.


hopeful24 - October 11

During the first trimester our baby boy's heartbeat was in the 160's. During the second trimester it dropped to in mid 140's. I always thought I was having a girl until the ultrasound told us otherwise!


corbin289 - October 11

Mine was low 170 first tri and has been around 155 2nd tri but we still have 12 days until the ultrasound to find out. The chinese calendar was right with my first two and says girl this time so we'll see


Happymommy - October 11

Both of my sons had heartbeats above 150 throughout the pregnancy. My youngest had a heartrate of 179 only a week before he was born! Scientifically heart-rates don't relate much to gender until much later on--it would be interesting to know if there is a difference in children or if it comes closer to teen or adult age. Anybody know??


BeccaBaby1 - October 11

My little one's hb has fluxuated between 130 and 180 so that doesn't help much at all. We're going to be suprised with the gender so we'll have to wait a bit longer to see what we're cookin.


Chris1975 - October 12

Hi there! My bubs heartbeat has always been in the 140's..and today I found out its a BOY! :)


dukele - October 12

My baby boy's HB is between 150-160 pretty much always. First trimester it was 170-175 then dropped at about week 13-14. We found out he was a he at week 15 US.


ROBYN - October 12

Ours was in the high 170's in the 1st tri we found out we are having a boy now if fluctuates in the 150s-160's. We found out at week 16 we are now at week 19.


cfuller - October 12

My baby's HB was between 170-180 for the first trimester and now she is anywhere from 155-165. We found out at week 20 she's a girl so it worked for us.


Crazy - October 13

Thanks everyone. It was intersting to read your experiences. I was just wondering if I could find the gender with the HB. Let me keep guessing till my 20th week u/s.


diem - October 13

Hello, I just wanted to tell you my son's heartbeat has been consistantly over 160. I am 17 weeks now, a few weeks ago it was 176! I guess it's an old wives tale :( But I am extremely happy that I am having a boy!



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