Share Your Recipes What S Your Favorite Healthy Snack Etc

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MelG - February 15

This pregnancy I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible, but I find that getting the vitamins I need has become a bit boring for me. I'm tired of eating a plain apple or carrot sticks or brocolli, etc. This boredom has at times caused me to stray away into the junk food section. Does anyone out there have some quick and easy snack or small dish recipes that can help with eating right but also taste great? One thing I've found so far that I really like is making my own triple berry sundae at home. I get 1 cup of frozen fruits (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries), I add just a small amount of sugar and water, let is sit for a few minutes to emaciate, then I get a small glass, put some of the fruit and juices in the bottom, a very small scoop of my homemade vanilla ice cream in the middle, then the rest of the fruit and juices on top. This lets me get a good sized serving of fruits with Vitiamin C as well as a little bit of calcium without going overboard on fat. I find it very satisfying when I'm craving fruit. Anyone out there with quick recipes like this to get the vitamins you need in your diet without going overboard on fat?


SuzieQ - February 15

mmm - waffles with fresh fruit and ice cream and maple syrup. (easy on the ice cream of course!) Gla__s of milk with it too!


Tillie - February 15

Two healthy recipes I love: 1) Baby spinach tossed with sliced pears, grapes, pasterized crumbled goat cheese, dried cranberries and pistachios (or your favorite nut). Drizzel with balsamic vinegar. This is FULL of iron and other essential vitamins, and it's so good you'll make it every week. 2) blend low-fat sour cream, a spoon or two of raw sugar and a bunch of strawberries in a blender. Pour into small gla__ses and refrigerate over night. It makes a delicious low-fat berry desert , and it's full of calcium and vitamin C.


Tillie - February 15

Btw: I meant drizzel the salad with balsamic vinegarETTE, not vinegar! (Make this by mixing half balsamic vinegar, half olive oil, and a squirt of lemon juice.)


TerriL - February 15

well,not really a recipe, but I love sliced apples dipped in peanut b___ter. actually, I'm off to make one right!


Ashley - February 15

Apples with caramel dip (low in fat!) orange slices with reddiwhip (no fat, or sugar or carbs!) I love the YoCrunch yogurt with the granola to mix in! Yumm!!


MeM - February 15

Take lowfat vanilla yogurt and fill an ice cube tray up with it, each cube half way up. Freeze. Take about 5 frozen yogurt cubes and place in blender with a banana, 1tbs peanut b___ter and chocolate soy milk (or choc. cows milk) and blend. It's sooo goood!!


Nita - February 16

yum!! all ur ideas sound great and making my mouth water! Unfortunately I work during the day, any good snacks I could carry along from home? I'm tired of apples, pears, yogurts... MelG, your sundae sounds great. How do you make homemade vanilla icecream?


wendy - February 20

good breakfast snack that is good for the go, take 1 banana put in blender with milk, fill untill almost covering banana, add a little sugar and a little vanilla extract and bland for a minut or untill all banana chanks are out, pour into gla__s and drink on you way to work,



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