Sharp Abdominal Pain

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boxhousev - May 28

The other day I was walking and I had this pain shoot through my adbomen, it left a sensation all the way through my body. Afterwards i had a burning cramp in my lower abdomen. Followed by mild cramping, only for about 10 minutes. I contacted my doctor and they said it was probably my ligament stretching. I am 17 weeks pregnant today. I have had pains in my lower abdomen when i sneeze, but this pain was not like that. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, did you contact your doctor and what did they say. Thank you.


Jen01 - May 29

I've also had a lot of pains inmy lower abs. Very low. Sometimes stabbing pains for a few minutes. Sometimes an ache that makes you bite your lip it hurt so bad. Nothing that lasted a long time though. I've chalked them up to stretching, growing, and changes.


squished - May 29

I'm also 17weeks and I have cramps all of the time. They tend to follow almost along my bikini line. Some days I feel crampy almost all day and others, only when I am on my feet all day. I've also had a shooting pain like straight up through! sorry if that's tmi :) I've asked my dr. twice about the cramps and they said that it is completely normal! They said that so much is growing that it's going to hurt and it's all normal. I worry all of the time b/c of cramps though. I've never had any spotting, but the cramps are enough to make me nervous!


Kim L - May 30

Yep i've had exactly the same thing and it's totally normal. Round ligament stretching can feel anything from mildly uncomfortable to extremely painful! Hang in there...


lexa - May 30

I agree with KimL about the round ligament pain. Sometimes it hurts like he**! It's very normal and will happen alot here on out. One of the many joys of pregnancy:-) It's normal.


Chrissythefairy - May 30

i have the same sharp pain when i sneeze and cough. Its really bad to. I asked my doc about it he said its ligament stretching and that it might even get worse.


Perl - May 30

I'll reach week 15 in a couple of days and I just started having unusual cramping that I'm not used to feeling on Friday night. It feels like the right side of my lower belly is tensing up (it actually feels hard if I touch it) and then the pain gradually shoots across to the left side of my lower abdomen. It lasts about 15-30 minutes then goes away until the next time (several hours later or the next day). I'm not bleeding and the pain has not seemed to get any worse or continuous so no, I have not contacted my Dr. but I happen to have an appointment tomorrow and will be asking her about it then.


Taffy - May 30

I was getting lots of those pains around 18 weeks and then they became less frequent. I think my muscles gave in a I suddenly got bigger! The pains were very uncomfortable at times but I found that if I lay down on the painful side they would feel better. I also started sleeping with a pillow between my knees to keep my hips in line which helped no end. I hope it gets better for you.


chamomilia - June 1

I've has some sudden pains which I believe to be the ligament stretching. Boy do they hurt. Also, the last couple of weeks I had some abdominal pain that has increasingly been getting worse and when I went to the dr. last week she sent my urine in for a culture and I have a uti. If you don't think it's ligament pain you might want to get checked for that.



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