Sharp Pain Inside Vagina

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Stella - October 6

I am 19 weeks and just within the last week have been feeling a sharp stabbing sensation low inside my va___a. Its not in my abdomen at all, its much lower and it comes and goes. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I just want to make sure its a normal sensation to have and not a sign of anything going wrong.


Michelle - October 6

Yea I that has happened to me and there was a post about it and some other women felt the same thing. I have not seen my doctor about it though. Good luck!


sharon - October 12

I'm 21 weeks and I've been feeling that for a few weeks. The doctor says it is because of the changes in the cervex. I've also had a lot of bleeding on and off from the cervex becuase it is so sensitive when you are pregnant. Not to worry - but do get checked out if you are bleeding. All these changes are scary - I know.


J - November 18

I've been trying to find someone else with this all night! I have a sharp pain too-- it started today and I can't get to sleep because it's keeping me awake! I hope I can find out how to stop it!


lara - November 30

i have had a sharp pain low down too, the doctor has given me codeine, anyone know if this is ok? midwife thinks it's toilet related!!!


Kim - November 30

I am 18.5 weeks and have had this sharp stabbing pain lower in my v____al area for the past couple days. It goes on and off. I called the Dr and they said it is most likely just the uterus rubbing against a nerve down there. I was told not to worry about an incompetent cervix or anything like that. I feel a little better about the pain now that I see it is quite normal!


colleen - July 10

don't know but I think I'm 6 weeks preg. I have 2 boys and with both had the sharp pain in lower v____a. I am feeling the same pain again and waiting for blood test to confirm preg. anyone had this kinda pain so early?


lisa - September 7

hi im gettingf a sharp pain in my verginal area im not shore if im pregnant have any one here had this befor i have been to the doctors and had test for any infections but they all come back that iwas ok. please help me lisa


Mommytobe - November 2

Hello, I am now 9 weeks pregnant, and I have been feeling the same thing, that is why I ended up in this site, sounds like we're going thru some normal body change. Best of luck ladies to all of us. :-)


maya - November 3

just started feeling pain in the lower v____a as well. and was also wondering whether to worry. it is low down.. just where the doctor told me the baby was this morning. so I was thinking it was my mind playing games. still . couple of weeks ago I told my doctor I was having strange pains.. I'd cough, sneeze, make random movements and things would start to hurt badly for a little bit. he said that was normal. just things being tight in there. still this thing in the lower uterus.. is new.


Jennifer - November 3

This happened to me during my first trimester. I thought it was my cervix doing something, but it eventually went away.


maya - November 3

but it isnt that usual uterus stretching type pain I felt at the beginning. all that went away and now at my 13th week its this strange pain sort of at the pelvic bone.


M.B. - November 4

I am 17 weeks and feel this once in a while. It's like a shooting pain that comes from below and shots up through my v____a. Sometimes it's like a stabbing pain too. Doctor said it is nothing to worry about.


daisy - December 15

I want to see the female when they are having a baby


Jennifer - December 15

Hi I was just at the docs yeasterday with this stabbing pain she is sending me for an u/s to check my cervix as with my first pre I had an incompetant cervix , She said maybe cause my baby is very low and kicking or hitting me with little hands. But Just to be sure I will have a u/s as this is how it was with my first one .


to stella - December 16

I have had that too. I have no idea what it is, but I have had the same thing. Anyone else know?


Nina - December 17

If the pain is combined with pressure and constant urge to pee, it could be a bladder infection, very commom around this stage of preg. I just went through this, my doctor tested my urine and it was clear of infection so she sent me to emergency for further testing. They ended figuring out it there was infection present in my blood test. They gave me amoxicillin (safe for baby) and in two days it was gone. But you'll know, it's excrutiating pain below the abdomen, hope this helps some of you.



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