Sharp Pain Under Butt

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Ruby - November 14

Has anyone else been experiencing sharp pains right below their butt? It's a pain that runs from my butt down to about my knee. I know that's where the sciatic nerve is located, but I'm wondering how I can alleviate this pain? It seems to worsen after I'm on my feet for a long period of time....anyone else having this same thing? Thanks!!


Lindsey - November 14

Hey Ruby, That sounds like definite sciatic nerve pain. I am now 22 weeks preggie, but I started having pain around week 14. I am actually a labor and delivery nurse, so I also spend lots of time on my feet. And you are right about it hurting more after standing for long periods. Anyways, my MD reduced my shifts from 12 hours to 8 hours and I started doing physical therapy about 2 a week. The PT really helped! They went over some excercises to help with the pain and also did some prenatal ma__sage, which was amazing. I've never been completely pain free, but it did get better. Maybe your MD would order you some physical therapy to try? Sorry, you're having a tough time. I'm right there with ya!


L - November 15

I've had sciatica for three and a half years, and it's no fun! But I've learned a few things from having it. One is lay on your side for awhile if you can, the pain should subside. Another is (check w/ doc first) find some topical (meaning applicable to the surface of the skin) st. john's wort & arnica flower in a base of oil (like "trauma oil) to rub into your lower back, hips, b___tocks, thighs, wherever. Also, deep-tissue self-ma__sage of the center of your b___tocks to your hips (like a horizontal line from point A to B) seems to alleviate much of the pain. I agree with Lindsey to avoid standing on your feet for long periods of time, but I've also had problems with sitting too long as well. Alternate as much as you can. Walking around helps, too. If I think of any others, I'll letcha know!


L - November 15

I've thought of a few more: watch your posture! It's easy to forget, but it's especially important right now when you --unbeknownst to yourself probably-- may very well change your stance to accomodate this new weight in your front. Don't carry anything on your back, not even a backpack. Be very careful how you lift things, and don't lift anything heavy. And always stay well hydrated. Water tends to be the best medicine in for so many different ailments. Good luck!


Ruby - November 15

thanks for your help/advice ladies. i do sit quite a bit at work, but am going to start trying to take short "walk breaks". the pain seems to get me more at night. last night i was almost in tears after i had laid in bed (half laying, half resting on the headboard) for about 20 minutes reading a book. as soon as i got up, the pain shot down my legs and almost made my knees buckle. i am definitely going to invest in a heating pad and then consult with my doctor. i just finished reading 2 conflicing stories on websites. some say that the pain is caused by the pressure of the uterus/baby on the nerve, but another says that there is no truth to is. will this ever go away?


Lindsey - November 15

Ruby, I heard conflicting opinions as well. Some MD's say that sciatica is hormonal, meaning that nerve becomes inflammed as a result of all your raging hormones. Who knows for sure? I also find that sitting in a warm tub bath can help. L, you are so right! I forgot to mention that sitting for long periods is almost as bad as standing. Long car rides kill me! Another thing I tried that helped was the Thermacare menstrual cramp relief pads. You find them in the feminine hygiene aisle. They are little sticky pads people use on their tummys for cramps. I bought a pack and applied them to my lower back. The pad gets warm and stays pretty toasty(not burning you or anything) for up to 12 hours. I wear one under my scrub pants at work. Both my MD and physical therapist said this was okay, it poses no harm to the baby. Keeping your hips tilted under you also is a good posture tip. Try not to let your lower back swing out. I often catch myself doing that "pregnant stand". I slouch my shoulders, stick my belly out, and arch my lower back. This is awful. I try to hold my belly in, and pull my hips under me. That really helps me--when I remember :-)


Terra - November 15

Hi Ruby: I've felt discomfort, but I think it's more from where the baby is kicking me.. I can feel her kicking towards my bum area, and it is VERY uncomfortable, but at this point not painful.. as she gets bigger that may change, have you tryed laying on your left side and putting a warm compress to your lower back/b___tocks area?



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