Sharp Stabbing Pains In My Vagina NORMAL

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Mandy1984 - May 23

I have read that a lot of women at this stage get pressure type pain 'down there', From I woke this morning I have been getting like a shrp pain in my va___a like some one sticking a knife in.. It only lasts about 3 seconds but its really sore, I am 20weeks, anyone ekse have this?? What is it??


KristinaHold - May 23

I have no idea if it's normal or not but I've been experiencing the same thing!! Glad I'm not alone on this.. lol


emilymalm - May 23

I've had this for the last few days as well. It feels like pressure on my cervix and I've also had little stabbing pains that just last a split second. I got worried yesterday and called my OB. I got right in and everything looked fine. She checked me for a uti, and that was negative. She didn't really know what the cause was. She did mention that it could be growing pains from the uterus expanding. She suggested I drink more water (I hadn't been drinking enough) and take it easy. I'm 19 weeks. I dunno if it's normal but sounds like we all have them here


Angiconda - May 23

I know that my sister experienced the same thing when she was pregnant. I would just run it by your doctor but I do beleive it is normal


emilymalm - May 24

After doing more investigation into my diet to see if I've been eating anything abnormal as these little cramps just started two days ago, it turns out that both cinnoman and licorice can cause uterine contractions...oops. I've been eating a ton of salt water taffy with both of those in it since the weekend. No more for me.


Kim L - May 24

O thank god, somebody else! YES Mandy, I am getting these pains off and on. I have an appointment this morning so I plan to ask my OB about it. But it sounds as though it's really normal. I mean heck, why shouldn't we have pain there, we have it everywhere else!!!! EMILY Thanks for the info on licorice and cinnamon!


Gem - May 25

I am 16 1/2 weeks and had this the other day when laying in bed. It lasted for about 5 minutes only and would come on and then go and then come on again every few secoonds.


Kim L - May 25

Mandy I just thought i'd give you an update: I talked to my ob yesterday at my prenatal appointment and asked her about this. She says that they don't really know what causes it exactly, but that it is a very common complaint among pregnant women, especially in the second and third trimester. It is probably related to growth and stretching. She said absolutely nothing to worry about!


Rebekah B - May 25

Yes, it is normal. It is called round ligament pain and it is caused by the increased pressure of the uterus pressing down on the vag. No worries


squished - May 25

Funny that i found this today b/c this happened for the first time this morning. One of my friends had warned me about it, but I could have done without :). I still have carmping along the bikini line quite often though.



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