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fizzypop - September 25

hi im 14 1/2 weeks pregnant i have had my 12 week scan which went fine lovely heartbeat just wondered if anyone else had expereced sharp shooting pains in the va___a and the bones around that area? is this a bad sign?


sarah21 - September 25

I get them on and off, but they usually last for just a few seconds. It may just be a nerve getting compressed as your uterus grows. I wouldn't worry at all.


fizzypop - September 25

Thanks sarah they do only last for a second or so


dukele - September 28

Hi Sarah, I'm at 17 weeks and I asked my previously preggo friend about this. She said that about this time she got really scared because she felt the same thing. Kind of like baby is giving you a swift kick in the cervix. She asked her OB about it and apparently it is your round ligament stretching. It will continue to do this for quite a few weeks to come. The pain is quick and uncomfortable, but then it is gone with no residual cramping. Do not worry.


Cevvin - September 30

I had this with my first almost from my second trimester all the way thru birth. My doc said its the baby interacting with the cervix. It gets uncomfortable but nothing to worry about. Watch it as you get later on tho, i got suprised by it at the store one time and peed right there on the floor ha ha. Good luck and congratz


sunflowergoddess - September 30

Yes! I was so happy to see this post, as i've been getting those on and off since my last appt :)


Alirose - September 30

I am 16 weeks and experiencing the same type of pain in the public bone region. It is caused by an increase in the hormone progesterone which causes your ligaments to soften and loosen. It is your body preparing for labor.


pomny143 - October 4

hi fizzypop. thanks for asking that question. this is my second pregnancy and a NEW experience for me completely. my first was great, no sickness, no pains but this one is deadly. i always get those shooting pains as well. i notice they happen more often after i have been sitting for a while and get up to quickly. the answers from the other moms settled my worries as well. thanks again.



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