Shopping For Baby

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Amara - April 27

Have you started shopping for baby yet, and how many weeks are you?


chel - April 27

I am 14 weeks and once a week, I try to buy something. I have a couple of big packs of diapers, some wipes and bottles. This is my third, so I'm trying to get the things that I'll really go through those first few weeks.


Heidi - April 27

I'm 14 wks and I've bought a ba__sent 2nd hand and a whole bunch of infant onsies and I've already been given little gift baskets with nuks, blankets, spoons, socks, stuffed toys, etc. Once our house is done being built I will buy more stuff for the baby's room but I'll hold off on everything else until after the shower.


C - April 27

I am 13 weeks and have not bought anything yet - feel weird buying so soon!


Amara - April 27

Same here C... I am just saving money, and will start shopping when I am 30 weeks


Rachel* - April 27

I'm 18 weeks and have purchased a second hand ba__sinet, some cute yellow ducky clothes, 2 sleeping sacks, some booties, hats, bibs, and a baby memory book. We hope to find out what the s_x is next week (5/4) and I have a feeling that it will be very hard not to shop for clothes before the baby shower. They are sooo darn cute :) We also want to start stocking up on the diapers and other essentials.


Jbear - April 28

I'm 22 weeks pregnant with my second child. I gave away everything we used for my daughter, because I really wasn't planning on any more babies. I have bought a carseat, a swing, a bunch of towels, a few recieving blankets and handmade quilts, some little sleepers, bottles, and a few toys (couldn't resist). I bought the carseat and swing the day I found out I was pregnant, because shopping calms me down, and because I was at the thrift store, so if I didn't buy them then they would be gone when I came back. I'm going to get a crib, a pack-n-play, and a boppy pillow next.


Maleficent - April 28

i'm 21 weeks and the only things we have bought are diapers and a snow suit. this is our 3rd baby, and we've realized that alot of the things we thought were "essentials" we never used so we're not buying much. this poor kid is going to be so deprived. lol.



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