Shopping For Baby Things

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squished - June 21

Have any of you started shopping for baby stuff? I almost feel like it's too early (I'm 20 weeks), but some people I know have already ordered cribs and things. I almost feel like if I buy anything this early that it's bad luck! We've looked at Target, Babys-R-Us and Pottery Barn Kids (way too expensive by the way) just for ideas and I'm not sure where else to look for furniture other than the internet.


knpandrews - June 21

Hi Squished... I am 23 wks. and just ordered my baby furniture this weekend. It takes 12-14 wks for delivery from buy buy baby. I registered at 20 wks 3 days. The day we found out we were having a girl that was like a celebration for me and hubby. Yes I was nervous about it. I felt like I was Jinxing something. I felt like something will go wrong. My doc. said go ahead with my plans and have fun. I agree with you on the pottery barn kids store. Yes way too expensive... but very cute stuff. Buy buy baby has great furniture. In store is the best though because you can see the set up. I dont know where ya are and I dont know if you have one by you but they have a great instore collection.


mindymay - June 21

you should see if there are any baby consignment shops in your area. like once upon a child, or mommy and me. you can buy used stuff real cheap, and later sell it. i felt the same way about baby stuff, but i feel that at 20 weeks you are fine to go shopping. have fun.


charliepaulchloe - June 21

im 23 wks and already have my highchair and walker lol


Jodie86 - June 21

Well I'm just over 14 weeks, and i ordered my crib at the weekend, and bought lots of clothes! The way i see it, is there's always some kind of worry for pregnant women i.e with food, genetic disorders, miscarrige etc, so i'm going to enjoy my pregnancy with my first baby as much as i can! At the end of the day, if something bad is going to happen, they'll be nothing i can do to stop it, so why wait around for it to happen, when you could be out celebrating your pregnancy? Plus, if you've heard a healthy heart beat and seen a healthy baby, the chances of anything happening are pretty slim anyway!


nms - June 21

It's a taboo too in my culture to start shopping for baby things early in the pregnancy. But as a single mother, it's not practical for me to wait until the 7th month to start shopping. So, as soon as my morning sickness and fatigue stopped, I started shopping!


KLT - June 21

YARD SALES.. It's summer now...and people are selling their stuff. You'd be amazed at what you can find...alot of times brand new things for dirt cheap!! And you can always do your research on line for recalled you know what you don't want to get. I've pretty much gotten the whole room together...crib, strollers, etc... even clothes. You figure babies grow so fast people are selling what they have.. I've gotten lots of stuff with the tags still on them for like 50cents...and they are things from like Target, Old Navy...etc.. Plus you can bargain which is great!! You won't really need to go overboard with clothes anyways...people are always wanting to buy baby clothes for you. I think i've overdone it with the newborn while at the sales, i'm looking for 3 - 6 month stuff now...heck..for 50 cents? why not??


mandee25 - June 22

Next Friday I will be 20 weeks and I will be going on vacation for a week so hubby and I are going shopping after we get the nursery painted so I can start buying a lot of the bigger baby items like the crib and stuff. I want to be prepared ahead of time and not have to worry too much about shopping later. I don't think it's bad luck at all. Happy baby shopping!



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