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lisas - February 12

I just went in for my week 20 ultrasound and I have a very healthy boy, but the tech said my cervix is measuring about 2.7 cm. I have to go back in 3 weeks for another ultrasound. She didn't seem very worried but I can't find much on the internet about it. Can someone give me any information on this, I am going to my midwife on tuesday but just though I would ask people here, thanks.


tanya w - February 12

I have a short cervix due to having precancerous cells removed years ago. It has caused me to have an incompetent cervix which means my cervix doesn't close all the way. I just went in last wednesday and had a cerclage put in which basically they sew up the cervix. I would just ask the midwife what they will do about it if anything at all. If the ultrasound tech wasn't worried then I wouldn't be to concerned. It must be something they see often or she would have alerted a doctor. Hope all goes well.


lisas - February 12

Thank you, I am reading some stuff saying that some people's cervix is just naturally shorter so I am keeping my head up. Thanks again


Jen - February 12

Hi Lisas, i have short cervix too, due to the 2 procedures i had 2 years ago. one is LEEP one is Cone. right now i am 22 weeks pregnant, my cervix is only 2.0 cm, my doctor put me on bed rest. and i have to go see doctor every week, they are watching out for me. so you can talk to your doctor see if you need to be put on bed rest. good luck.


Margo - February 13

hi Jen, I'm 23 weeks along and I'm also on the bedrest with the weekly doctor visits. How are you handeling the bedrest? is it your first? Let's keep in touch..


MooBaby - February 13

Hi Lisas, thanks for posting this. I have a short cervix too, 3.0 cm. The technician and my Dr. said that I should be fine. But they recommend having a v____al ultrasound everytime I come in to make sure that it hasn't changed in length. Also, because I have been having pretty intense bh contractions since 15 weeks, they have put me on "modified" rest where I can't work-out or go walking. I have to sit or lay down most of the day and limit my activity. I know this can be nerve racking, my little baby boy is very healthy too, so I want to do anything I can for him. I am 22.5 weeks. Good luck! You are not alone!!


Jen - February 13

Hi Margo, yes, this is my first, so i am very worry and nervous. every little pain or weird feeling, i get nervous. Bedrest is kinda bored for me at the beginning. now, i try to read books, watch tv, dvd, and get online. or chat with friend on the internet. yea, let's keep in touch, we can keep each other busy .... good luck to you :)


lisas - February 13

Thanks moobaby, I have felt perfect and this was quite a suprise to me but I guess I will find out more from my midwife tomorrow morning.


Margo - February 13

Hi Jen, This is my 2nd baby. I went into preterm labor at 22 weeks and dialated 1cm. Luckely, I was at the drs that day and my dr noticed the change in the cervix, sent me to the hospital and put an emergency cerclage. I was on the bedrest with my 1st one as well for 14 weeks. Im doing the same thing this time. I got my cervix st_tched at 14 weeks. Everything seem to go well till i started feeling alot of pressure and pain at about 21 weeks. Dr put me on the strict bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy. Like you said every pain or strange sensation makes me nervous. Bedrest is hard. Its hard to be laying all day, especially because I have 3 year old who i stay home with. I get some help from family and friends, but still can't beleive that I'm doing it again. I do read alot too, watch some tv, chat with friends online..but it gets old after awhile. My spirits are up so far hopefully it will stay this way till at least 34 weeks.



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