Shorter Cervix

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gina143 - January 13

So I had a second ultrasound to check my cervix, and placenta... cuz I was having cramps and spotting. And she said my cervix is shorter than last time (a few weeks ago) and the baby is head down. I havent seen my doctor yet, so I dont know how much shorter it is. What does all this mean? Is it okay if its shorter? When does the baby usually go head down? im almost 6 and a half months (tuesday I will be)


aliciavr6 - January 13

Ive heard baby can stay in breech position from now until birth. I'm not sure about the cervix thing, try to give your doctor a call so that you don't worry


sydney - January 13

Hi: I am 28wks this Sunday; I have had complications throughout this pregnancy so my gyno checks me every month. Thurs. they did an intra-v____al u/s and they discovered that my cervix is 2.1 inches. It should be 3. They gave me a steroid shot in the b___t and 24 hrs later had to go get another one. This is supposed to help develop the babys lungs, brain and intestines. When your cervix is shorter it could mean that you MIGHT go into early labout. My doc advised me not to do much of anything and to relax as much as possible. I was advised to quit working at 18wks by family doctor so I have been doing much of nothing; at times when I go out to do errands I feel like the baby wants to fall out of me. A lot of pressure down below. My baby has been head down since about 18-20 weeks; this does not mean anything, some babies prefer different possitions, so not to worry about that. You should have another u/s to check how much shorter your cervix is. Good luck and take it easy.


aliciavr6 - January 13

I'm sorry I meant vertex - head down, not breech


gina143 - January 13

ya I got a internal v____al ultrasound too! I guess my doctor will tell me the lenth when I see her agian on the 26th...


gina143 - January 15

I think I lost my mucus plug! I went to pee and I felt something on my v____a... So i toched it, it was googy.. and I pulled it.. and it kept comming out! It was long white and greyish booger looking thing. Was that the mucus plug? It sounds like it from what I read. Anyone else have this??


sarahd - January 15

Gina I would call your doc about that for SURE.


laurenl - January 16

Ok...I had an ultrasound at 19 weeks. My cerivx was over 4 (I think it's centimeters). I had to go back for another ultrasound and my cervix was 3.1. My doctor wanted to see me back in 2 weeks. He said he wasn't overly concerned because it was still in the "average range". So I went back and it was back over I'm ok. But he did explain that it can change (as mine did). I think when it gets below 3 that's when they worry. They will usually put you on bedrest because it can cause you to go into labor early. The farther along in your pregnancy, the shorter it will be. But that's later on. Like I said, mine changed alot just within those 2 weeks, but it can do that. I felt much better after I went back and they told me it was over 4 again. They'll explain it all to you if it is shorter. Keep us posted! Good luck.


gina143 - January 19

did your doctor call you and tell you? or did you wait for your appt.?



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