Shortness Of Breath

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BAA - May 31

I am almost 13 wks pregnant and this week started feeling short of breath. I feel like I can't catch my breath and everyonce and a while I will get a deep breath in. I have read that this can be normal due to hormonal changes and your uterus expanding. Has anyone else had this symptom and what has your doctor told you about it. I think I will call my doctor if it doesn't get better soon. Even if she just reasures me its normal.


Cher - May 31

I have had this too - I am 18 wks tomorrow. If I have a warm bath or do alot around the house, I find that I will have difficulty breathing, and I have been concerned too because I am not that far along yet...I am wondering what I will be like at 8 mths pregnant? My friend has told me that with her last baby, she had pregnancy asthma and needed an inhaler. I know if mine gets worse I will be talking to my doctor.


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - May 31

I will be 21 wks on tomorrow and I have had this for about 3 weeks. I see my Dr. Thursday and plan on discussing this. My friend is 22 wks and she has this also. I guess it is normal, but frustrating....


SE - June 1

I have had this for awhile as well, although it is only if I am doing something like walking up the stairs or housework. I am 14 weeks.


Lucky#8 - June 1

You may want to check with your doctor. My friend was feeling weak and short of breath and it turned out she was anemic (low iron). They put her on iron pills for the rest of her pregnancy.


Melissa - June 2

I have the same thing sometimes, i am 22 weeks. I asked my doctor about it, he said it is because my uterus is moving upwards and its pushing on my diapragm, making it harder to take deep breaths. I would check with your doctor though, cause if you are just 13 weeks, your baby should still be down low beneath your belly b___ton. I always ask my doctor everything, at least then I can stop worrying about it:)


BAA - June 3

I called my doctor and she said Shortness of breath is normal. I was able to check my oxygen level at work and it was 98-100 so that was good. It has started to get a little better. I had 2 bad days. It can also be from the hormone progestrone per the books and internet. Thank you all for responding. Good luck and feel good.



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