Should I Find Out The Sex

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Eva - February 10

I know this is entirely my decision but I just wondered how many of you are planning to or have already found out the s_x of your baby? I'm so eager to find out but part of me thinks I should wait and let it be a surprise. I'm 18 weeks at the mo.


PP - February 10

I am torn as well. My husband wants to know and my sister is getting the s_x from my doctor so she can work on a project. I kind of want to know but the other part of me say wait. I am doing the baby's room as a jungle no matter what s_x it is. And not a baby jungle but the real thing with vines and animals. I don't like pastels. One person here said you will be suprised no matter what does it really matter when. Also on the delivery day it could be far less stressful knowing a little more of what to expect. This is my first and so I am sure there will be other surprises.


Eva - February 10

Thanks PP I think I agree with you actually, it's going to be a surprise whatever and like you say there will be plenty more surprises when it's born. This is my first baby too and it's very exciting! Think the idea of a jungle sounds great! Good luck.


levi - February 10

i am on to my 5th pregnancy and just found out i am having a boy, this was good news as i now have 4 girls. but now i am really worried in case they were wrong and i have a girl as i will be disapointed. i dont even know how accurate scans are now as i was only 17 weeks pregnant when i found out.


KM - February 13

Hi Levi, For some reason they are more likely to get a boy right than a girl. I know lots of people who were told they were going to get a girl but in fact had a boy, but I don't hear of many cases the other way around. I work with babies so hear a lot about this sort of thing.


Tanya - February 14

Personally I would rather know what the s_x is, going to find out on 21 Feb :-D But then again, I'm not a person that likes surprises and would like to prepare the room etc. I quite like pastel colours, although, not Pink or Yellow.. I think it makes it easier to buy stuff and you can prepare yourself mentally for what you are about to have. On the other hand, some people like surprises so it is up to the individual really. :-)


Fabienne - February 16

Hi Eva ! My husband and I found out we're going to have a boy and I don't think it takes anything away. I know we'll still be amazed at his birth. Knowing just helped us prepare for his arrival. When I talk to the baby now, I know I'm talking to a little boy :)


Erin - February 18

I'm not sure about this issue either. If we found out, we could prepare for the cost of the circ_mcision before delivery should we have a boy. But I love surprises! I do see what you're all saying about it being a surprise no matter what. I hate being able to see both sides of opinion! Both make perfect sense. On one hand you can be prepared and bond more with your unborn child, on the other hand, how many real surprises do you get to have in life?? A baby is the biggest gift, the biggest surprise of all!! Uggh....what to do...


April - February 20

I am finding out this week what i am having. I don't like a surprise at all. I have a little girl so I need to know if I'm having a boy so we can buy clothes!!!


Tanya - February 21

Ladies, found out today that we are having a little boy! :-D Congrats to the other mommies too.


levi - February 24

hi everyone, i am having another scan tomorrow so i will double check the s_x of the baby as i am nearly hoping for a boy this time, i will let you all know.


Ne - February 24

This is my first child as well and i just found out last week on valentines day that we are having a boy and i am glad i found out because it was so exciting going to the store and buying baby boy clothes i even bought a little suit. It is so adorable.


levi - February 25

hi ladies, i had my second ultrasound today and she said at a guess it was a boy, the baby was lying with his legs nearly closed.


Jenny - February 25

I can really relate to your question. I am pregnant once again and already have three boys... my ultrasound is coming up in a couple of weeks and I am scared to death to find out. I'd love to hear it's a girl but there is no quarantee.


Katie - February 26

I wanted to find out what I was having so I could prepare for him. The day we found out we were having a boy, my husband and I picked out his name (Nathan Alexander). Now we talk to him and call him by his name. I'm really glad that I have found out.


Maleficent - February 27

WOW! so many boys!!!!!!!!! we have found out with our older kids and will with this one. my husband is in the military and knowing is a huge help when it comes to preparing.


Makeba - May 9

What if your period came on a different day instead of the day it suppose too.



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