Should I Register For The Item Thats 20 00 More

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sunniesmile - March 3

Hi everyone...much thanks to everyone's input on their top 5 items and not so helpful 5 items...very, very helpful. Now here's my dilema...ok fisher price's rain forest themed items -the high chair, pack -n-play and bouncer- I love them, but they are like 20.00-30.00 more than the other brands that are just as good. I am not sure what to do...I don't want to be greedy esp. since I am fortunate to have showers being given...i just don't know what to do..stick to the other brands or spurlge and register for the rain forest brands??? what do ya'll think??? Thanks everybody!!!


SaraH - March 3

I think part of registering is for 1 to get things you need, but 2 to get things you'd like but wouldn't necessarily buy. I don't see a problems w/ registering for the more expensive one. If your worried about it though, you could also register for both the more expensive and cheaper "just as good" other brand too. Then if you get 2 just take the one you don't want back, and if you get the cheaper one but still want the more expensive one, then take it back and exchange it paying the difference yourself.


Krissy25 - March 3

Go ahead and register for what you want, I have go to several baby showers and lots of women go for the more expensive stuff. At some showers I went in on something with other people. I think you will be surprised on what people are willing to get for you. Speaking of showers, i am actually going to one right now. I am giving wipe warmer with changing light, it seems a little out there but i thought it was cute, i don't want that baby's b___t to be cold.


jodie - March 3

I would definately register for the things you want!! I know when I go to showers I always spend a little more than I should. When I was preg with ds a few of my aunts went in on different things that were a little more spendy! Have fun with it! Oh, and krissy I loved my wipe warmer...saved alot of tears by having toasty buns in the middle of the night. They kind of take the shock!


Cad0587 - March 3

Hey! I too love the rainforest stuff and I put a bunch on my registry although I think they are the things me and my husband are gonna buy for ourselves. I don't see a problem with it!


moescrilla - March 3

well, If I were you, I'd get what I want. If you dont get it, then you can just buy it yourself, ya know? I'm sure you'll get some of the stuff anyway. I put on my list what I wanted, and I pretty much was set after my baby shower (although I bought allot of stuff too b/c thats half the fun of being pregnant!)


sunniesmile - March 4

Thanks everybody!!! I feel much better and will register for the rainforest items, and SaraH I am going to do what you said and register for both brands for the bouncer and see which I get!!! Thanks again ladies :)


Tracy88 - March 4

I picked things that were best for me and baby regardless of the price. One thing I did though was read the consumer reviews, because for example, the rainforest bouncer had issues that people weren't happy about, but the ocean wonders bouncer got great reviews, so I registered for that one. If the things that other consumers thought were "issues" are not things that you think are issues, then you will feel good knowing you made the best decision for you. Price is irrelevant because people often pool their money to get you the more expensive items if they can't afford to go in on it alone. Good luck and have fun!!


kimberly - March 4

Sure I think you should. I wouldn't get to costly though. Most people will spend a little more than $20 anyway on your gift!



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