Shower Or Not

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Amara - May 25

Just wondering if everyone one was going to have a baby shower, or if I am the only one who is not?


Heidi - May 25

Hell yeah! I'm not going through all this for nothing! It's my first and my last so I want a nice shower :) You should too.


Amara - May 25

It would be cool if I had a lot of family and friends... but the only family I have is my sister and aunt, and only 2 good friends... *sign* My sister already said she is going to buy everything so all I need to get is clothes, and my fiance and I have already started a savings account, so I will have money by then... *sniff* I would have been fun if I had a lot of friends..


ES - May 25

No I am not having a shower nor did I have a bridal shower. I don't really believe in registries or showers because I feel as if I am asking for pressents. My husband is also in the military so we move frequently and we are new where we are so we know very few people and my family is far away. His family- don't get me started but lets just say I don't think shower or not they would get me anything for the baby. Si we made a list of what we needed and we got it. I did get hand me downs from my brother and my sister because they have each had children in the last 2 years.


v - May 25

I am having a shower just for the family get together. My dad's side only gets together for christmas or funerals and are always looking for a reason to get together. I only have a few good friends left here they all moved far far away.


Heidi - May 25

So just have a small shower. Invite your old friends and reunite! If you're trying to save money for clothes, try garage sales. I went this spring and bought enough outfits from newborn to one year old for next to nothing and all in excellent shape or never worn. Saved a lot of money there. I'm not due till October but I've bought a ba__sinet 2nd hand that looks brand new, and a bouncy seat for $4 at a garage sale that looks untouched, and a really nice baby gate 2nd hand.


Amara - May 25

Good idea about the garage sales Heidi. But I am just going to go with ES on this one... I am not buying anything until I close to 2 weeks prior to delivery, and have aready started to make a list of all the things I will need. Since I am an ebay addict, I have seen tons of bulk clothes at great prices... so I will get some from there... after all, they grow out of them so fast...


Heidi - May 25

That's a good idea too! Never thought about E-bay. I stay away from there as I start buying stuff I don't need! I started buying antique toys off there and then I got pregnant. So guess what will be on the shelves in the nursery! Antique toys :)


bump - May 26



SE - May 26

Amara, be careful about waiting until the last minute. My sister did that and ended up on bed rest before she was able to buy everything. My mom and I ended up running all over, buying stuff, returning the stuff she didn't like, buying new stuff. We also had to set up the nursery for her. She looked kind of sad as she sat in the chair and watched us.


kimj - May 26

never say first and last.....Baby Showers are so much fun. You should have one. I dont have alot of familes or friends but i will be having one in a few months and I had one with my first son as well.


Amara - May 26

*chuckles at SE's poor sister* Didn't she write down the things the wanted? I already have my list, but due to past m/c I don't want to have tons of baby stuff sitting around months in advance. ~ kimj ~ How many people are coming to your baby shower?


Maleficent - May 27

no shower for me. this is baby #3, and even though we got rid of everything (thinking our last one was our LAST ONE) a shower isn't really nessisary. i live in michigan and my family and friends are all in california. when i go visit we're going to have a ladies luncheon and i'm sure there will be gifts and such, but not a formal shower. my sister is getting married and SHE'S the one who will be getting the showers. i don't mind at all. i'm okay with a little fuss, i don't need a big fuss. :o)



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