Showing Above Belly Button

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Michelle - May 30

I am 14w3d and I am starting to show above my belly button too. Is this normal?


Jbear - May 31

Yes, that's normal. Your uterus is starting to grow out of your pelvis, and displacing everything that's normally in your lower abdomen. Everything has to go somewhere, and some of it is probably being pushed upward.


aisha - May 31

Are you sure its the uterus because it shouldnt be at your b___ton until your about 20 weeks. Do you have excess fat on your tummy thats making it look like you are "showing"?


Heather - May 31

to aisha- you dont have to be over weight to get a bump above your navel at 14 weeks. because all the innards move upwards which is actually causing the above navel bump. I started a bump up there by about 12 weeks.. the uterus was nowhere near there at that point.


... - May 31

I think aisha is the self-appointed fat police. I've seen other posts she's written which are anti-fat. I have news...fat women have babies all the time, and they have them safely, too.


jk - May 31

i am 105 lbs aand started to show above my navel about the sme time...not due to fat! it can be normal, in fact i am quite small.........


m - May 31

Jbear said it right. Your uterus is enlarging and pushing other things up. So of course it looks like it's above your navel, but your uterus is still where it should be, just below the navel. It's normal.


Michelle - May 31

Thanks everyone...i'm just a very nervous first time mommy to be! :)


....... - May 31



Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - May 31

I am not overweight and I have the above the belly b___ton "showing" and have had it for a long time. In fact it is one of the first things people notice on me. I have a tilited uterus and I have been told that is why I show so early.


kim j - June 1

I have the same thing as sonja going on and I due the same day.... How exciting!


:) - June 1

that it mean you have a baby boy


Aisha - June 2

Anti Fat? Look you dont show above your belly at 14 weeks. IEducate yourself...your organs get displaced but they dont move up and out. Come on be real. Since when do the intstines poke out of the body? As for anti fat...ahh you mean the one where the woman was asking when she would show...she was overweight and she wont look like the cla__sic pregnant shape for a minute. Why are you so mad about my honesty? Its the truth. Im 5ft 8 and 168 lbs hardly an olive oil lookalike so gimme a break and stop being so senstive.. Heather you can kiss my beautiful pregnant I dont care if you think Im a moron or not..the fact is that fat women just look fat when they are pregnant. Being overweight is NOT healthy for a woman and gives you higher chances of so many health problems...its beyond me why any one would want to be unhealthy. I mean obeses and not just a nice healthy weight....Grrrr..


???? - June 2

do your homework aisha....i have multiplee fibroids in the bottom of my usurus, so i am big near the top....which is commom....and at 110 pounds i am not fat//////


Michelle - June 2

for the record...I am 5'1. Before I was pregnant I weighed 105. Now at 14 weeks (tomorrow will be 15) I weigh 113. Am I over weight, Aisha?


Aisha - June 2

Some of you *ladies* are downright frivalous. Get over yourself. I lost 40lbs! Read that..40lbs so I know what its like to be a healthy lookinh woman but do NOT tell Me that to be 300lbs PLUS is acceptable and healthy. There was a woman on the news who had gastric bypa__s and was left with 40lbs of hanging skin as a result of the weight loss.. you sit there getting your panties in a bunch because im being honest...why? If you are morbidly obese you run a lot of health risks to yourself. In the US its seen as ok to be chubby after all most of the population are chunky but not the same in Europe. So Ms.????? Its perfectly fine to have multiple fibroaids and I wish you a healthy pregnancy through out. conratulations for being pregnant with a condition that renders other women infertile or hard to maintain a pregnancy...And Michelle you are a good healthy weight. The Point I was making originally...listen carefully children...was that the uterus will not be at the belly b___ton at 14 weeks. Thats scinetific. Yes the organs are displaced..Do the organs become displaced to the point that you will be "showing" ?..NO! If you have a little fat on your tummy ..will you show faster? yes! If you are obese..meaning you are over 50lbs what you need to be so that you already look big will you show as soon as a woman that isnt very will take longer. I see women at My ob's office who are pregnant but just look ma__sive and if I didnt know they were pregnant I would think they were overweight.Now relaaaax


Nicole - June 2

I am 13w4d and I began "showing" above my belly b___ton at 8 weeks. And no, I am not overweight at all. In fact, I am VERY athletic and had a very flat stomach before I got pregnant. My dr said it could be twins or it could be "swelling." Don't ask from what cuz I don't know. But my point is everybody is different. Some people start to show early cuz they are small. Others show early cuz that's just how they're body is reacting. Don't get upset when people try to say you are fat. Maybe they are just angry about being pregnant in the first place. Enjoy your pregnancy and everything that comes with it!!!



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