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cheryl - November 30

I am only 15 weeks and already I look like 20weeks. I have showed really early and already glowing and all. any company out there?


Christine - November 30

I was showing at about 6 weeks...although I had a cyst that helped bloat me quite well, but now I am almost 21 weeks and dont fit into any normal clothes..good luck


Wendy - December 9

Cheryl, you are not alone!! I'm 17 weeks and I'm huge!!! I was a fairly small girl before (5.6 and 123 lbs) and It just b__ws me a way to look ing the mirror. I'm already having trouble sleeping. I can even imagine what life is going to be like a 8 and 9 months.


Tasha - December 9

According to my mom and my hubby, I started showing at 8 weeks. I wasn't so big that other people noticed right away...just those closest to me. But that is when I first got the little bulge. Now I am a few days shy of 20 weeks and even strangers have asked me when I am due. I am definitely showing but I still have only gained 3 lbs.! Does that make sense to gain a big belly w/hardly any weight gain? Well, that's how it is for me anyway. I am not overly huge but I do look all of 5 months pregnant.


Layla - December 20

im 3months now and already i have developed a belly that looks like im 5months. im starting to wonder if im carrying twins.


TASHA - December 20

Yes I'm 6 1/2 months now but I started showing right away and everyone says 'Oh having twins?' I'm huge. But I know when my little one gets here it will be worth it and I'll have figure back, come hell or high water. Screw the rest of them, their not having our babies, we are.


janet - December 29

Hi Cheryl, I don't know that I can be much help cuz this is my first but I can relate!!! I am 18 weeks and I look like I am 6 or 7 months. I wanna ask my Dr if there is another baby hiding in there. Janet


Elizabeth - December 30

I am 22 weeks and I feel huge. People are always asking me when I due. I started really showing around 15 weeks and have gotten bigger ever since.


Dawn - January 11

I started showing at 9 weeks, but this is my 2nd child.With my frist i gande 52pounds.And i was a size 4 before i got pregnant.


Lana - January 11

I'm 22 weeks...and I'm not showing at all!! I"m a size 4 still. I want to hurry up and get a bump!!


Brandi - January 17

I'm 16 weeks and I've been showing since about 12 weeks.. just a little, but enough for my clothes to be uncomfortable and not able to b___ton


Elly - January 19

I am 11th week and my belly pops up. There is no trousars I can fit in anymore but it's too early for maternety clothes. I am lost and have nothing to wear.


Fabienne - January 25

I know what you mean. I'm now almost 20 weeks pregnant and I'm showing a lot. I started showing very early too - always looking like I was a few months ahead than what I actually was. It's fun ! Everybody thought I was carrying twins but no! Hey, I'm proud of my belly !!!


Angela - February 15

I am 7 wks pregnant with my 4th child and am already getting a bit of a bump, looking back ive definately "shown" sooner with each baby!!!


Nina - February 15

This is my third pregnancy, and I am showing way earlier that I did with my first two. I also am 15 weeks, you are not alone!


Amy - February 23

I'm feeling a little depressed reading all of your messages...15 weeks, 20 weeks, and so on... I'm only 6 weeks and I am starting to really bulge! What's wrong with me? Is this normal? This is my first pregnancy, I'm adopted so my mom doesn't have much advice or experience on the subject. Any comments?


Leslie - February 28

I am really glad that I am not alone. I am 11 weeks and I can't wear any of my pants without unb___toning them.



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