Showing For My Wedding

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ashley - March 1

I was just curious if anyone was majorly showing at 16 weeks.. im getting married around then and I'm hoping to keep it under wraps until after the big day.


Sarah - March 1

Im 13 weeks and people are at the stage they dont know whether to say oh are you pregnant or whether they think im getting fat! lol i think its a beautiful thing i was 6weeks when i was married and no one knew a few people picked up on why i wasnt drinking but if you are showing who cares! Everyone is different some people don't show for ages its just a personal thing. I wouldnt worry about it too much unless your dress doesnt fit! Good Luck!!


L - March 1

i am pregnant with my first and got married at 22 weeks,i am now 23 weeks and i started showing around 19 weeks,everyone is diff though anyway if u find the right dress youll be fine! congrats


Kristin - March 2

Congratulations Ashley!! I am currently 14 weeks and quite honestly, I can tell that i look pregnant but I have lost weight due to the wonderful life of morning sickness. I have had a few friends that have been pregnant when they got married and this is my advice. Find a dress thatis tight fitting from the chest to about mid stomach and thenkind of flares from mid stomach down. The reason i say this is because it will draw attention away from your mid area. Good Luck:)


N - March 2

I got married at 17 weeks and no one other than the people i told knew i was pregnant. I was showing at all until i hit 20 weeks. I kinda woke up one morning with a belly :)


Cynthia - March 3

I am 13 weeks pregnant and getting married next week (3-12-05). I am showing slightly in normal clothes but in my dress it is well hidden. I was worried too! But now that it is almost here, no big deal. Just take pictures creatively and have fun.


Jennifer - March 4

Ashley, Congratulatons on getting Married. You should be fine, I am now going on my 20th week, and I am just starting to show now.



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