Showing More At Night

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Jessie - July 21

I am almost 16 weeks pregnant and finally popped a little. I have noticed that I look way more pregnant at nite. Is this a gravity thing? Any one else notice this or am I alone?


Sara - July 21

I'm 15 weeks and 5 days. I noticed the same thing.I thought I was crazy. When I wake up in the morning my stomach looks smaller and at night it looks alot bigger! I was also wondering why?


Kayla - July 21

Hi ladies, i don't know the reason why but it's definitely true. Even now at 20 wks I noticed the same thing (it started around 15 wks)! Maybe after eating breakfast lunch and dinner you become more bloated, who knows?


Heidi - July 21

When I finally started popping I would look much bigger at night. Probably from my stomach being full from all the eating, but even my boyfriend said I looked bigger at bed time!


jo - July 21

do you look bigger when you're lying down? I didnt start showing til about 23 weeks, but when I'd lay down in bed, I'd suddenly lk preg.


Ray - July 21

Me too!! I thought I was nuts. I look so big after dinner. I think the baby stores food down there like a chipmunk. I ate spaghetti last night, I went for my nightly walk, I couldn't get off my porch. I felt so heavy.


Jennifer - July 21

I am 19 weeks and this also happens to me, I think it is do to bloating and digestion. It's like as soon as I eat breakfast it starts to expand and just expands more and more as the day progresses. Our digestive track slows down when we are pregnant and I think the food takes longer to move through the intestines. That's my theory. This is probably why I can put on a pair of pants that are comfortable in the morning and by lunch time I have to unb___ton them to breath!


if28 - July 21

How funny, in all my pregnancies my husband has noticed this, I have felt uncomfrtable during the day and at night...I looked really pregnant. Never thought about asking anyone, glad to see I'm not alone.


sarah - July 21

Oh man, you dont know how happy I was to read this post! I was so frustrated till I read this! I am 19 weeks, and my stomach does the same thing! I was like "when is it going to stay big!??!!" lol. Now I know im not the only one and im filled with happiness inside.


Emma - July 26

Hi everyone, 1'm 16 weeks and this also happens to me. To start with I thought my bump was shrinking because in the morning it seems to disappear a little but the other night when I came home from work my mum said my stomach looked like it had all of a sudden exploded! LOL


sera - July 26

hey i noticed this too, its true, asked Dr she said its bloating or bowel!


Amy - July 28

I am 25 weeks pregnant. The same thing is happening to me. I really pop out more as the day goes on. I think maybe it has to do with eating and drinking throughout the day. It may lead to some extra bloating as the day progresses. It is funny how that happens.


shelbi - July 28

i've noticed, and read, that i show more at night, when i'm in bed. i think it has to do with lying flat. it's like a funny hump..and sometimes, when the baby is on the right side, i can see it shifting upwards and to the right. lol when i stand up, i pop out a little, but not as much as lying down. during my bloated period, i would wake up in the morning and have a flat stomach, and by the evening, i'd look like i was five mos pregnant!


noams - July 29

After a full day of eating, drinking, swelling women will look a little bigger at night and weigh more than in the morning.


COC - July 29

Hi. I will be 15 wks this weekend and I was at a Wedding last Monday. I fitted into my dress perfectly on Monday morning and nobody suspected a thing but my Monday night I was like a bloated baloon and just couldnt hold it in anymore. Even my mum said that I had expanded!! The joys of it.


denella - August 16

I heard that the reason women stomach gets harder and larger at night, is due to the baby trying to get in a comfortable position after the mom walking, eating etc. during the day.



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