Showing Or Not

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Micha - May 7

Well was just wondering if anyone else is going through or has gone through this, I am 18 weeks and I cant tell if I am showing or not maybe just getting fat also, When I stand up my belly looks like I am starting to show but when I lie down it goes flat again and soft.....Does anyone know why this is or am I just putting on to much fat


candy - May 7

ur uterus is just fallin back into ur back and stomache is fine and normal


Shannon - May 7

Micha, I am 18 weeks too, some days I feel like I just look fat and some days I feel like I look pregnant, it's weird..I can't wait until I really look pregnant, so even strangers will know...!!


Cher - May 7

I am 14 wks and showing a little...sometimes I feel I look fat but I have some cute smaller size maternity tops that make me look pregnant - so some "women" have noticed:)


Jbear - May 8

Be patient, all of you...You'll be showing before you know it. I've been showing since about the 2nd month (yuck) and now my customers are telling me I look like I'm ready to give birth any day...but I'm only 23 weeks, so it's kind of embara__sing. I can't imagine how I'll look 2 months from now.


Cher - May 8

JBear - I had a friend like you - she's had 4 kids and with each pregnancy she looked huge early on that people could not believe she wasn't closer to her due date, yet when her babies were born they were all 6lb babies, her doctor told her that she carried alot of amniotic fluid and that was the reasoning to her getting so big early. I know how people make their comments whether your "hardly" showing for what mth your in...ot "showing" too much...people always have their comments and share them with you even when you don't care to hear them!! Congrats and enjoy...I can't wait to just feel baby kick me...:)


Jodie - May 8

Jbear i know how you're feeling, i too have been showing since the second month, i am now 14 weeks and have quite a large belly (everyone is convinced im having twins, thank god the ultrasound only showed one) this is my third pregnancy also my 1st weighed in at 8lb and my 2nd at nearly 10lb so im hoping this one will come a couple of weeks early


Blake - May 10

I am 18 weeks and can not seem to find the heart beat, I was about 80lbs over weight b4 pregnancy, could that have anything to do with it??


To Jbear - May 10

Jbear-do you already know the s_x of your baby?


Amy - May 11




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