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honeybea - May 16

Ok- so I'm 24 1/2 wks and i've gained 25lbs. My dr. doesn't seem concerned- so i'm not. The thing is I look pregnant but for how far along i am, i'm still small. Everyone's like -Wow you're that far a long , you don't look it. Not that I want to be huge and uncomfortable- I just want to look the right size for my due date. At my last appt my dr said i'm measuring correct. I'm pregnant-i want to look pregnant


Taffy - May 16

If you're measuring right then I wouldn't worry. You may be carrying more back in your pelvis. I think I am as well so I look more like I've eaten too much!


Ddvinson3 - May 16

Yeah I'm only 21 weeks and I don't think I look that far along. I have a belly and notice it but no one else does. But if the doc says you're fine then I wouldn't worry. But I want to look pregnant too! I'm ready to feel pregnant as well! Don't worry our time will come soon!


bostonbaby - May 16

I am just about the same. At 24 weeks I had gained 25 lbs. I am pet_te and was in pretty good shape beforehand and so I feel I have really packed it on. But still everyone keeps telling me that I am so small (when I feel huge). I am now at 27 weeks (30 lbs gained). Over the last 3 weeks I really noticed a change and I feel like I started showing much more. And people know for sure now I am pg but still can't believe how far along I am. I bet you will see a difference in the next 3 weeks...


HannahBaby - May 16

you should be concerned!! Some doctors dont really get upset about weigh gain (mine does) but the national pregnancy guidelines say 25-35lbs is best. Not to say that that is right for everyone because i gained 43 with my first, but to gain 25lbs in 24 weeks is nuts. Espically because you gain the most in the end. And you prolly arent looking "pregnant" because when you gain excessive weigh (25lbs in NOT related to the baby) you gain it everywhere but your belly (trust me my a__s was huge!!) I am 18w5 days and have not gained a lb because i dont want to make the same mistake that i did with my first. Good luck with your pregnancy


Krista - May 16

Honeybea- I think hannahbaby is over reacting a little bit (no harm intended hannahbaby)...but dont start freaking out. lol. I'm 24 1/2 weeks too and have gained about 20 lbs. ALL of my books...and believe me, I have A LOT say that by this point we should have gained about 15-18 lbs. So you're only about 7 lbs higher than that average. And EVERY woman is different. Most doctors dont care too much about weight gain as long as you weren't over weight to begin with. I dont think it's always true that you gain most of your weight at the end of pregnancy..infact my books say that in the last month you may even drop a pound or two...we are already 6 months...if you plan on gaining about 3 lbs each of the next three months you'll be right on track at just under 35lbs! =) In my mom and sisters cases...and it seems to be the same for me is that they gained a lot during the frist and second trimesters and then topped out and went SLOW but steady over the last few months. you still have 10 more lbs you can gain...dont sweat it..just make sure you're trying to be active and eat healthy. =) ( I have a friend who is normally 105lbs...she's TINY...anywho~ she got up to 175 with her son because of water weight...walked out...I'm sorry but she honestly looked like a balloon for how little she normally is...anyways, she walked out of the hospital at 115 lbs..CRAZY HUH!) Just dont fret...we dont need more things stressing us out! =)


Ca__sie06 - May 16

haha. I am 28 weeks pregnant and most people ask if I am just 4 months or so along. I have also just gained 25 lbs. My dr says it is completely normal, and I dont want to gain any more weight than I have to! Less to lose!!


honeybea - May 16

Thanks for the support-That makes me feel better. Krista i understand what your saying about the water wieght-My friend gained 60lbs with her 2nd child-but walked out of the hospital 20lbs lighter -due to water weight. Hannahbaby, the reason my dr's isn't concerned about the weight gain is because my BMI (body ma__s index )was considered below normal prepreg.( only 19) I'm almost 5'8'' and was 127lbs. My BMI is still only 23 ( normal is 20-26)


squished - May 18

I'm not really far enough along for me to count, but my SIL is just over 7months pregnant and has put on 50 pounds! She's on pace for 70-80! I hope that doesn't happen to me :)



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