Sick As Hell

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venus_in_scorpio - July 9

OK so all of the sudden out of nowhere i am sick as h__l... 18 hours ago I was fine. a lot of people from my town are coming down with pneumonia/bronchitis AND strep at the same time and i've been exposed to it in 3 different places and now i feel like im getting it... IN JULY!!! jeez! its 4 am and i am up eating ice cream not because of some weird pregnancy craving but because it feels so good on my raw throat... it hurts to breathe and it hurts to cough. man, I havent been this sick since i was in high school. i hope his doesnt negatively impact my baby i mean shit ive already been on antibiotics twice during this pregnancy once for the time i had strep in my (amoxicillin) and once just a few days ago for BV (flagyl) are all of these antibiotics going to hurt me baby??? i mean i know i need them or this is only going to get worse im only 12 hours into this thing and i feel like im dying. well good luck not getting sick WTF its the middle of summer.


venus_in_scorpio - July 9

what really gets me is the girl at work who had it all week and didnt miss a day of work, and didnt go to the doctor until thursday. if i was not pregnant and i worked with a pregnant lady i would be SOOOO paranoid aout getting her sick!! i wish people would just stay the f* home when theyre sick!!!


frankschick2001 - July 9

VENUS: Unfortunately, we canno control other people. The best thing you can do is keep taking your vitamins, keep REALLY hydrated with lots of juices, and keep your hands clean. I've read that the biggest culprit of geting people sick, germy hands. So wash them several times a day with soap. We are around lots of people and situations where there are germs, so even if your co-worker stayed home, there would still be plenty of germs to get you sick. And if there is something going around, you really can't blame one person. Just protect yourself and take your medicine. If the docs say its ok, then don't stress out about it.


christa0120 - July 10

Ive had it for 2 weeks also...not sure where I got it from but to chime in on the "why people don't stay home"... 1. You are MOST contagious before you even know you are sick with something more than "allergies"...2. You can not afford $$$ to stay home or miss work...3...You have no other choice. EX: I was sick and had to be "on call" for work...couldn't call off because there was NO ONE to cover me and then I went on to having to work 14 hrs. Even as sick as I was I saved 3 people from heart attacks. Ofcourse now they may have a cold and wish they were dead but they are alive to complain adout it. 4. Employers are not to keen on people calling off sick. Most have a strict absence policy.


venus_in_scorpio - July 10

yeah i feel ya on the money thing. ive also worked for some real jerks before who make you work even when youre too sick. i just wont do it. i guess its a personal thing. i just know how susceptible I am to everything i come into contact with and would feel guilty knowing it was probably my fault if someone else got this sick especially a baby or child or something. you are right about the contagious factor though youare real contagious before symptoms appear... but youre still contagious after too if youve got something like bronchitis and strep. ill bet you i know what planted this in my head though. I worked for the Health Department for 3 years and the commissioner's office always drilled it in your head to stay the hell home if youre sick and we even had fliers to distribute to pivate sector employers to encourage the same practices. it just seems like such a public health hazard!



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