Sick Of Gruesome Stories

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Angela - December 13

Anyone else sick and tired of the gruesome stories everyone feels compelled to tell you when they hear you are pregnant. I swear I am constantly being told about miscarriages in late pregnancy and problems in the delivery room and death. I keep telling myself that the next time I hear one I am going to say " What the H$ll is wrong with you, why would you tell a pregnant women that... but I never do because they are so oblivous to what they said. Its like the thought never occurs to them. I mean its like telling someone with cancer that you knew others who died from it. UGH


mel - December 13

I completely understand. I love watching trama stories and ER stories, but ever since I've become pregnant I just can't tolerate it, if there's a pregnant woman or a baby involved. when I was pregnant with my first, my work was planning a baby shower for me and one of the women confronted me and said, "I told them we should wait until the baby is born to have the shower, in case it comes out with something wrong with it." I WAS FLOORED!!!! I wanted to grab her by her head and yell, "what's the matter with you!!!!????"


momm4 - December 13

It never ceases to amaze me how thoughtless some people can be towards pregnant women. As if we weren't already terrified enough and constantly worried about the health of our babies. I notice older ladies are really bad about that, I'm a nurse and work in a retirement home occasionally. One old lady said to me the other day, after I told her about some baby shopping I had done that morning, "you shouldn't buy too much you know, babies don't always come home from the hospital!" Like I really needed to hear that...can you imagine!


mel - December 13

The lady I was referring to, was also an "older" woman. you would think they of ALL women would know better. guess not.


Lynette - December 13

This isn't so much a gruesome story that someone told me, but more a thoughtless comment made to me by an (older) lady at work. I had a miscarriage at 13 weeks in January this year, and am now pregnant (with twins - yay!). Well this lady came up to me and said "how are you" - I said "good thanks"... "no, how ARE you?"... "goooood" I said (thinking she has a hearing problem) "you aren't doing anything silly then" she asked - "No" I said, a bit concerned as to where this was headed - "So you are going to hang onto these ones then?" OH MY GOD! Like I had a choice the first time round. I said "well if I don't it's not my fault" but I should have said so many other things (and accompanied them with a sharp jab to her nose!). I just burst into tears as soon as she left the room (very professional!). Why do people say these things?


mel - December 13

Wow. unbeleivable. It ceases to amaze me the stuff that comes out of some peoples mouths.


SarahB - December 14

I work with a lady who is also older (close to my grandma's age) and she always says things about my pregnancy. I had a subchorionic tear in the beginning and had to be on bedrest 3 times. while I was out she told my friend thats it was probably better that I lose my baby because I'm too young. Im 22 its not like Im 16. Then last night my back was hurting really bad (I'm a hairstylist so Im always on my feet) so I asked her to do the next cut I wanted to sit and rest and she told me that my back shouldn't even hurt yet wait til Im further along. Did I say it was because of the baby that it hurt, no. Besides Im 20 wks its not like Im 6 wks and say my back hurts. I just want to hit her so bad, why should you respect older women when they think it gives them the right to be as rude as they want.


sparkles - December 14

Ok. I have to add something in. My job requires me to lift people, mainly little kids. But they are normally dead weight and they can't help themselves at all. I've continued lifting them throughout my pregnancy so far. I'm in very good shape and my body is used to doing this. I can tell when something is too much and I won't push myself if it is. Well, a fellow coworker (works at the same company, but not with me) heard I was pregnant and asked me if I was lifting a certain person. I told her "yes" and she told me "you shouldn't be". I told her "I'm fine lifting them". It's none of her freakin business anyway. (I didn't tell her that, though!) Her response, "Well, you need to start thinking about that baby!" Then she walked away. Let's just say that if I wasn't so taken back by the remark, we would have had it out then and there! Where do people get off thinking they can say such ignorant things to pregnant women. Like it's any of their business to begin with! So far, that's the only rude comment I have gotten. But I'm certainly prepared to speak my mind if anyone tries acting like a know -it -all and gets smart with me. I am one pregnant woman with no tolerance for people's ignorance!


mel - December 14

yeah, that's my favorite. "you need to start thinking about that baby". Like it's humanly possible to think about anything BUT the baby when you're pregnant!


Heather - December 14

I am so glad there is a place to vent! People do say the oddest things! I have a few coworkers that like to point out to me that coffee is not ok for me right now, I am 23 weeks pregnant. Some days after I have lunch I enjoy getting a decafinated coffee from starbucks, I donnot appreciate these women at work attacking me when I walk into the door with my coffee to let me know "it better be decafinated, and you shouldnt drink it at all in case they give you regular by mistake!" I feel like telling them that I am tired, my back hurts, and my stonach is feeling sick,.......If i choose to give into my craving once in a while that is my choice I know the risks I am taking that the barista might have given me regular and I also know decafinated is not bad for my baby, I dont think one oops regular cup of coffee once in a while during my pregnancy is going to hurt my baby! I would appreciate not being put on the spot, why is it ok to badger pregnant women when any regular woman would feel harra__sed?!!


sparkles - December 14

Amen sista!


sparkles - December 14

Next time they make ignorant comments to you, point out something unhealthy they are doing and how it's going to affect their body in a negative way. Or you could just tell them it's none of their business and you are quite capable of taking care of your own baby.


missy - December 14

you know why its always the OLDER women ,b/c back in their day they didnt have the tecnology that we have today-and so more things probably happened than what they do now a days!how rude of people to say those things!! like we dont worry about enough!!


Dia - December 14

Here is what we should time nosy, know-it-alls tell us something bad, or what we are doing wrong, we should look at them and say, "What you are doing right now is way worse for my baby! Do you think ma__sive stress is GOOD??? Is making me have a panic attack BETTER than a cup of decaf coffee??" Maybe after we flip out and go into psycho mode, people will steer clear..... :)


MeM - December 14

I undersatnd I feel the same way. It only makes me worry even more. I think it's ok to know that something could always happen but you don't want to hear about it. I wish everyone the best!!


mel - December 14

haha. I think Dia is right! that's the thing,'s like you can never bring yourself to say anything to them because you konw they think they're just being helpful, when what they're really doing is not thinking at all!


Heather - December 15

its true Mel, its hard to say anything, in regards to the decaf coffee I say something like "thats why I only have it occasionally" and smile as I walk away.



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