Sick Of People Patting Belly

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k - November 13

Is anyone else sick of people coming up to you & patting your belly? People at work do it to me all the time & it's getting on my nerves! Any advice?


Tiffany - November 13

lol i know how you feel. I dont mind my mom or my husband doing it but OMG the people at work do it and i just cant stand it! I just want to scream dont touch me! It makes me uncomfortable.


Stephanie - November 13

You know what I do- I pat and rub their bellies- it usually stops them. It works everytime. No one has the right to touch you- I mean they would not like it either. I think it is quite comical- they usually cannot believe I am doing it to them. I smile and walk away.


k - November 13

lol Stephanie I'll have to try that!


A - November 13

Right on, Stephanie! That's a great idea. The same thing has been happening to me. I wonder where people get their manners from, sometimes!


stephanie w - November 14

to stephanie- I like the way you think!


Jennifer - November 14

This is specifically the reason I have kept my pregnancy hidden from certain people I know. They already invade my personal space, I'd probably bite their hand if they came near my tummy without asking! You might politely state that you don't really liked to be touched without asking. I was talking to my friend's husband about why I didn't want this certain person to know I was pregnant yet, and he looked at me like I was crazy. He said "you mean people actually touch pregnant women's tummys without asking? What happened to the rules of the personal boundaries?" i told him that apparently all the rules fly out the window when it's a pregnant tummy! It would be one thing for a close friend to come up and touch my stomach, and I have one who does, and she's welcome to it. But it is another thing entirely for someone you aren't that close with to touch my tummy without asking first! Apparently our pregnant tummys have become fair game for complete strangers!


Michelle - November 15

I even have waitresses touching my tummy, I've never even met them before. . . I'm kind of 'getting used' to strangers touching my tummy now, it's just what people seem to do over here. . . .oh well, at least it is friendly. . :o) could be worse, x


tasha - November 15

I dont mind it at all, I think it cute they want to feel the baby kick! It hasnt gotten out of hand for me yet. But I see nothing wrong with it, although when a friend is pregnant I always ask if its ok first which it what most people should do, but if you tell they yes once, its going to be all the time.


19wks - November 15

i hated that sooooooo bad with my first 2 babies and it hasnt really started with this pregnancy but i know how u feel!!!!! I just held my shirt down tight and smiled!!!! and ran!!!!


k - November 15

I wouldn't even mind so much if people would ask me first.


Ashley - November 16

I had a real estate agent find out when I was 5 months, and she almost ran across the room at me with her hand out! I wasn't even showing!!!! I really don't mind my mom or dh at all but complete strangers! It always comes as a shock to me as to who has the nerve to just walk up and start rubbing. Fortunatly, I got a chance at a family thing to tell a whole table of relatives - who were bragging that they didn't mind strangers touching them during past pregnancies- that it did bother me! :)



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