Sick Thru 2nd Tri See No Hope For Getting Better

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abriamiacadia - March 6

Hey ya'll! My names Bethanie and Im 16wks tomorrow I'm Due Aug. 22. I'm also only a teen (17 yrs) I like advice from people who are older and who've been pregnant before or w/e. They seem to know alot lol. Anyways. I've been sick EVER since i started my 2nd tri. First it was w/ a stomach virus, and now its like... a continuous flu thing. I see no hope of getting better in the future lol. I thought in your second trimester your supposed to be all happy and active lol. Have any of ya'll been like this?


JulieK - March 6

I had morning sickness with my first pregnancy until week 18. With this one I am 16 weeks too (due Aug 21), and I still have it. Some women just have it longer. However, if you didn't have it during the first trimester, it might be something other than morning sickness so you may want to see your doctor.


kimberly - March 6

Hello, I am due Aug. 26th. My sickness has eased up, but with my first pregnancy it started about the 13th week and it did eventually get better, I would say by the 20th week. Hang in there I am sure it will pa__s. There are medications for the nausea they can prescribe you that are safe for the baby, ask your Dr. if it gets to bad. I do feel for you!


kimberly - March 6

Oh I forgot to say try ginger. Ginger Ale, Ginger cookies, or anything made with fresh ginger. Ginger helps relieve the nausea. Also you can buy sea bands, they go around your wrist and are suppose to press accupressure points that help ease the nausea. Just do a serch for sea bands and I am sure some info will pop up. I have never tried them but have heard they work!


Allisonc79 - March 7

I have noticed that I have just started to feel kinda bad again starting in my 20th week. I don't know if it's my iron levels or what, I feel dizzy and queasy alot.


abriamiacadia - March 7

Its not much morning sickness as it is, coughing, sore throats, sneezing, screwed up nose and stuff. The stomach virus came after I ate speghetti and i must've eaten a mushroom which I'm allergic to so that would've been what the virus was lol. I called my dr. office yesturday, and told them about it cause I had an appointment today, but they dismissed it as the flu, and told me not to come in today. I've been sick since last Friday. Is it normal for the flu to last that long? Can I take Thera Flu? The dr. office wouldnt listen to my questions lol.


flipthea - March 7

Hi Bethanie....I am also due on Aug. 22! Wow fun we have exactly the same due date. Hang in there. I have some m/s still but not bad. I do get dizzy sometimes, the doc said that's normal bec. there's so much more blood in my body now.


abriamiacadia - March 7

Aww congrats!! i've not seen anyone with my due date yet. =D I talk to this one girl whos due on the 20th and so we compare whats going on lol. I'm dreading being pregnant during the summer. lol We've gotta go through the WHOLE month of July which is usually Hotter than c___p. lol.


c_baer19 - March 7

There's a morning sickness (anti-nausea) pill that the nurses at the hospital recommended to me, but I don't get sick ever so I never took it, but I have heard it works wonders. It's the lowest dose of vitamin B6 or B12, can't remember, but if you look it up you'll find it easy, and half a Unisom tablet - don't take it during the day the first time, Unisom is a light sleep aid and might make you drowsy!



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