Sick While Pregnant

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pregnant76 - February 17

I feel so misterable right now being sick. I won't take anything at all. I'm the type to go straight to the doctor's but haven't because I know that I probably wouldn't take anything they prescribe me. My ob doc says that regular Sudafed and Robitussin are okay OTC drugs to take but I don't know. I've been sick for over a week now. Have any of you been sick while pregnant? What did you do?


TamaraAngel - February 17

I had a severe cold back in November when i was 5 weeks preggo... it was awful b/c it was on top of my first trimester symptoms. The doctor gave me a list of OTC cold medicines but i chose not to take anything. The cold lasted two whole weeks! You should prob at least get checked out by your family doctor to make sure it's not step throat or the flu, and that you're not running a fever. If it's just a regular cold, then explain to your doc that you're not interested in meds to alleviate symptoms... but if it's something more severe, then meds might be needed. I had to take meds for a bacteria infection around 12 weeks. I really didn't want to, but the pros outweighed the cons. Good luck... hope you feel better!


excited2bemama - February 17

I had a cough, cold, sinusy thing about a month ago- I took Tylenol and Robitusson and I got that vicks stuff for the humidifier. Don't suffer needlessly- being pregnant is hard enough. its perfectly safe to take Tylenol, Sudafed, Robutussin and severeal other cold things!!! Drink lots of fluids and rest too!


wrightofway - February 17

Been sick now for nearly two months with first a cold, and then another, and now pneumonia. Here is what I've done to minimize symptoms and maximize comfort! 1. OTRIVIN is OK for use in pregnancy -- is a nasal degongestant inhaled through nose. Works in 5 minutes. Relief - about 6-10 hours. Pharmacist recommended. OB approved, as did Mother Risk -- at Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto (they test a ton of medications and OTC stuff for effects on fetal development). Its available in Ontario... but maybe not in the states... there is probably an equivalent in the USA that is safe -- as doctor for suggestion... I think its AFFRIN in the states (but I don't know if that SPECIFIC BRAND IS OR IS NOT SAFE). 2. Robitussin DM helps calm a nasty cough for about 6 hours. Approved by OB. 3. Inhalers: Ventolin and Flovent -- because I literally can't breathe without them. 4. Due to severe symptoms of pneumonia... I take Codeine (1tsp) at night to ensure I sleep. Its a cough suppressant (DO NOT USE CLOSE TO DELIVERY)... and keeps the fever at bay. OB approved, as did ER docs... just about every doctor I asked. Again though... my symptoms have been really severe. Bradasol -- for sore throat. Pharmacist recommended, and OB approved. Antiseptic in the losange that kills sore throat bacteria... and something that numbs your throat for a good 2 hours. Cherry flavor isn't bad. Warm mist humidifier 17inches from head when sleeping. Keeps throat and nasal pa__sages moist... = comfort measure! IN ONTARIO: SUDAFDED NOT RECOMMENDED when I asked about it. Unsure why -- psdeuoephedrine used to be hte reason -- not sure if this is still the reason. Half Tablet regular strength gravol was also recommended early on when all I had was cold symptoms... but ask your doc... I hope the list helps. being sick, and pregnant is NO fun!


krnj - February 17

My dr told me that any Tylenol product is safe. Hope you're feeling better soon!


pregnant76 - February 18

Thanks so much everyyone! I guess I was just paranoid about taking any meds. I don't even use my inhaler when I need to!



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