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18wbabynov - May 5

just a quick question. when are you first able to feel the baby move? when did all of you feel your babies for the first time?


SuzieQ - May 5

Im 18w5d and this will be my first baby. I've been feeling movement for about a week and a half now, and I'm at the point where I can tell when it's the baby , not just gas or ??


Evonna - May 5

i started feeling movements as early as 17 weeks and i am currently 26 weeks, 27 this saturday. It has changed alot, i missed those little cute i feel intense, sometimes painful jabs, punches, kicks lol.


karyn - May 5

I starting feeling little pokes around 16 weeks.


Trish# - May 5

I thought I felt flutters at 14w (my first pg) but I'm not for certain. I felt my first obvious movements at 21.5 weeks. I was sure that she was moving/kicking then! They say first-time moms usually start to feel movement 18-22 weeks, but not to worry if it's even a bit later than that.


Erynn21 - May 5

I was about 15.5wks and this is my 1st so some ppl didn't believe that I could, but I have never felt anything else like that ever. It felt like little tickle in my belly now @ 23 wks. it's more intense and often.


michellep - May 5

I felt mine at 15 weeks. It feels like it's turning or adjusting position, and the bump gets somewhat higher and then lowers again. Very different.


Chrissythefairy - May 5

i felt my baby at 16 weeks while i was watching a boxing match with my fiance, the baby started kicking and punching me like he was the one boxing


18wbabynov - May 5

k... so the average looks like 15 or 16 weeks... good... im almost there! then i will know that my little bean is doing well! (o:


1Sttimemomy - May 5

i am 23 wks and i think i can feel something at night when i am layng down but my placenta is on top and my baby is breach so they said i could take a long time until i start and feeling anything that i know is the baby it makes me sad


ThePezChick - May 7

I posted this elsewhere, but I'll post it here too. I went to specialist last Friday at 17 weeks. I asked about movement since women were posting that they felt it at 14-15 weeks. He said they were confusing gas with the baby's movement and that you couldn't feel it until 18 and usually 20 weeks. FYI...


Evonna - May 7

ThePezChick, well i felt my baby at 16-17 weeks and it is way different than some gas. Gas doesn't occur lower in your pubic area as you can see. When i first talked to my doctor about my first movement (flutters) and where the sensations were located at, he told me for sure that is was my baby. Ladies if you feel sensations 2 or 3 inches below your belly b___ton close to your pubic area at 16 weeks & under, it is flutters. If you feel sensations at or above the belly, it's gas..


Rhiannon - May 7

Hi. I first felt mine at about 17 weeks. I am now 22 weeks and my husband can feel them strongly. I even saw them move the other day when my hand was on my stomach. My thumb jumped with the kicks. I'm having twins so there is less room in my uterus, which could be why I feel them so strongly.


itsapinupthing - May 8

My OB also sadi you can only feel the baby from 18-20weeks,but trust me you'll know when it's your baby. You can feel that it's not your body acting up and you baby is really saying hello. I felt flutters at 13weeks. I was alone in a quite conference room so I knew it was the baby and now my baby is sooooo stroing at 22 weeks it's unreal. He moves atleast 6 times a day and it can even last for over 21/2 hours. Very active little guy :)


michellep - May 8

I know what I felt. It was definitely not gas. The bump was definitely moving where my uterus was. It even shifted over to the left and then back to the middle. Usually the movements are in the same place and it feels like a small bubble burst at the surface. It feels nothing like when I have gas. I am pretty aware of what I feel from my body, and this is unlike anything I've felt before.


18wbabynov - May 8

holy cow... i didnt know this was such an up-in-the-air topic... i just cant wait to feel the first little movenments! i will be much more sure in the wellness of my baby then!


mommatx - May 8

my doctor and every book I've read, as well as the Ivillage pregnancy calendar say that you can feel movement as early as fourteen weeks, its just that first time mothers often cant tell the difference between baby flutters and gas. Its more common for 1st timers to not notice anything until at least 18 weeks, but its not impossible.



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