Silly Down There Hair Question

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first timer - November 2

ok I know this is TMI but....I have never really been a down there groomer. I mean I nair during the summer but I didn't this summer cuz I wasn't getting a bathing suit and I've pretty much let it go and figured who cares? Well I was thinking and if I am going to have an audience staring at my crotch for 20 hours then I might rethink this! Now I am self concious about it. I have never waxed (but I know it hurts) can we do that and is now really the time to start? Are we allowed to use hair removal products like nair? Does anyone have any tips or am I just being dumb?


Crystal - November 2

That's such a good question. I don't know honestly about the nair, but I understand that the farther along we get, the more sensitive down there we get as well. My problem is while I've always shaved & groomed down there, I can't see it anymore thanks to my ever expanding belly and am afraid of cutting myself. I'd love to know if there are other options..


Beth - November 2

I can still move my belly to groom, but I've heard people say that the intuition razor is the best for trying to groom and also to shave your legs. I told my bf he has to shave my legs when I get to fat to shave them :)


jessielouwho - November 2

Everyone is different and the doctors and nurses have seen it all. I would just continue to do things as you always have. I don't think there is any reason to be embarra__sed. That's just how I am, I've never been embarra__sed at the doctors about anything.


MISTY - November 2

I'm not sure if yhis could be an option for you guys or not.....But every since I have been pregnate I can't stand it.(problem down there) So since I can still kinda manuver I can kinda still groom, but I have my hubby finish the final shave. Ket me tell you at first I was nervous but he's gental! Why don't you ask your hubbies or boyfriends to help.It makes quite a difference durring pregnancy, This is just a thought


Ca__sie - November 2

If your main concern is what the doctor and nurses will think during labor and delivery, then I wouldn't worry about it. They've seen it all and really don't care. They just want a healthy baby and mommy out of it. So, if you're doing it for them, I'd say it's a waste of time.


Michelle - November 2

I groom it as much I can by feel. My husband does the rest. I have one of those bikini triming sets. So I trim and he does the rest. I can't stand the feel of it getting all wild and drives me nuts thinking of how bad it looks.


Jennifer - November 2

Personally I shave around the edges, then just trim overall, but it has been getting more sensitive over the past couple of weeks. Shaving is probably the easiest, since waxing hurts and as the general area is more sensitive, waxing will hurt more. I heard from somewhere that you're also more likely to get little red bumps from waxing when you're pregnant. As for the birth of your baby, most women have a little hair down there, and I think nurses or whoever is going to be more interested in seeing the head than in noticing your over-abundance of pubic hair! At least I hope so, because I don't know how I'm going to trim down there if I can't see around my tummy!


Gina - November 2

Heh heh, after nursing for about 4 years, I can't think of a single time that I noticed whether someone's pubic hair was groomed or not. There's always something more pressing than that on the go...:)


to first timer - November 2

if you're doin v____al labor then they (nurse) would shave you down there, not uless your doin c-sec.


Camilla - November 2

I'm all for a bit of grooming but no chemicals. But during birth, 'down there' won't look charming, whatever you do. I mean the little heart-shaped trim, will go completely unnoticed. They tend to look inside more rather than what's going on outside. And you don't want to distract them from that, do you? :)


Crystal - November 2

Personally, I'm just doing it for my and my husband's sake, but I think I will ask him for help....nerve racking thought though!


AMY - November 2



first timer - November 2

Gosh thank-you all for your responces. I am glad I am not the only one thinking of this!! Anyways I am not so much concerned about the nurses and drs but more my mom and mil if they are in the room. I know that is stupid! Plus its just bugging me because I look so fat and hairy and stretch marky! It seems shaving is the overall way to go but doesn't that give everyone red itchy skin?


EH - November 2

Shaving can be a problem if you're like me...I get a million ingrown hairs every time I try. I just bought a nice trimmer (found it at Wal-Mart) and use it to keep everything nice and has 3 settings, and I use the "shortest" one. It doesn't leave you hairless, but it does look a little more "groomed." Oh, and this is coming from someone who left it "au naturel" until about 2 years ago (I'm 33.)


to EH - November 2

Do you know what the trimmer is called? And I know its none of my business but why change after so long?


Amanda - November 2

Funny story- My best friend had a baby girl 5 months ago. She didn't groom at all towards the end because she couldn't reach, it was painful, and well she just didn't care. During the delivery, right when the baby started to crown, one of the nurses yelled "Whoa! That is one full head of hair!" The baby was actually born bald. No one really noticed the nurses comment (except for me, because I am an a__s like that) because they were busy with more important matters. But my friend does laugh at it now.



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