Size Of Baby At Birth

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sarah jane rogers - June 13

Hey everybody. Hope you are all feelin fighting fit in the second trimester. i am 24wks preg. In talking to my mum she thinks that the doctors can by now start to have a guess at what size the baby will be at birth. Does anyone kow if they can tell at this stage?


San_dee - June 13

i dont know, but with my DS they said he was going to be about 7-8 lbs, he was born 6 lbs 11 oz,


sarah jane rogers - June 14

How many weeks preg were you when they told you?


San_dee - June 14

i think they told me that at about 34wks, might have even been a bit later, but its definately not very accurate but was fun playing the guessing game!! but both myself and my mum were about the same weight as that, had no idea what Dh was as he was 10wks prem only weighing 2lb 9oz, so it was definately interesting for us to see how big/small DS was going to be


sarah jane rogers - June 14

The reason i ask i was a small baby and so was my partner. But at 24wks i look s big in the belly. Everyone comments on it just worried what i will look like in third trimester and what size baby i will have. Thnaks for your response though.


San_dee - June 14

dont worry, theres heaps of reasons why you look big, do you have a small frame?? could also be that your carrying more to the front, or have a lot of fluid


sarah jane rogers - June 14

Thank you. I am to the front and did previously have a small frame. thanks for your coments Good luck


Betul - June 14

Doctors can estimate what your baby's weight will be birth based on the measurements taken of your baby around 20 weeks during an ultrasound. Just like children are put on a weight and height chart by their peditrician, so the OB/midwife's use a growth chart for the unborn babies. At my last visit my midwife showed me mine and my baby was in the 50% percentile for height and weight and she said my little girl would probably be about 7lbs at birth.


Jamie - June 15

Guesses taken that early are just that - guesses...based on my 20 week u/s, they predicted a "smallish" baby, between 6 and 7 pounds at 40 weeks. She was born at 37 weeks and weighed over 8 pounds, so they were pretty much way off - if she had gone 3 more weeks, she most likely would have been close to 10 pounds.


sunshyne9 - June 15

Ya I honestly don't think they should even guess lol I was only 6 pounds and my husband was 5 pounds.. he was born a few weeks early.. but he was still small.. My daughter was born at 9 pounds 1 ounce lol lol she guessed between 7 and 8 pounds.. Im not gonna listen this time man.. gees.. lol Im prepared for a bigger baby again lol


Lilu - June 16

They cant guess this early on, your bean gains the most weight in the last 2 months. If they guess this early, it's a far fetched guess...


CaliTrish - June 16

I just saw my doc today. Since I have gestational diabetes, I'm concerned about having a large baby. The doc says we won't really know until the last few weeks. For now, the baby's growth is right on track.


olivia - June 16

My last checkup before my dd was born the doc felt my tummy and said I'd be having a 7 pounder. She was 7lbs 3 oz. I have no idea how she could tell!


Susan W - June 18

IMHO, they can't tell. My midwife, who's been catching babies for 20+ years, told me mine would be 9-10 lbs. He was 11.5!!!! He measured slightly larger than average at the 20 week u/s, but we didn't quite expect that big (she nearly dropped him when she caught him!) . . .. The most growth happens in the last trimester. Don't worry about it, watch how much processed sugars and stuff that goes straight to your bloodstream and thus to the baby in the last trimester and see how it goes. I'm fully expecting to have a 12 pounder this time, LOL, since they get bigger as you go, supposedly! My midwife isn't worried either :) and I'm tall and very thin. It's interesting to see how it goes.


mindymay - June 18

i dont agree. i am 23 weeks and at my 20 week us my son was 13 oz vs 9 oz. i was worried i was ganna have a 20lb baby ( not really) and my doc says that he could be a small baby, and that it doesnt matter the size till the end of the pregnancy



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