Size Of Belly

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evangelia2977 - December 5

I'm 22 weeks tomorrow and i just met a lady who is 3 weeks behind me and her bump is a great deal larger. This is my first and her third. Is this normal.


fefer1 - December 5

Oh yeah, totally normal. Just depends on how you carry the baby. With my daughter, I just popped way out. A friend of mine was 2 months ahead of me and until the end, I looked just as pregnant if not more so.


Sprinkles - December 5

I hear that it takes longer for you to show with your first then it does with say the 2nd and so on ... They say because your muscles are not as tight. This is my 2nd and I feel like I am showing pretty much right now - Not really noticable to other people but I wear baggy stuff ... so to me I know whats going on under that LOL With my first I was 5-6 months before i really showed.


Faye84 - December 5

yup! first time moms take forever to show. i didnt actually start showing until i was in my third trimester almost


little_mommy - December 5

it all depends, really. don't worry! i'm three weeks ahead of my sister-in-law. she's having her seventh (!) and i'm having my first. i look huge next to her! every woman is different.


EricaG - December 5

oh yeah, takes a lot longer to get bigger for your first than it does for your second. completely normal.


cynthia502 - December 5

This is my 4th pregnancy and I will concur that you pop out sooner with 2nd and subsequent babies. At 13 weeks, I was a little bigger than I expected and so I thought it was because of a 4th pregnancy, but low and behold we found out we are having twins! No I am 21 weeks and probably look about 7+ months! The good thing about popping out slower is that less stretch marks tend to develop, so enjoy and don't worry!!!


Gemini_Girl - December 6

Oh yeh! i keep seeing people in magazines, on the TV, in the street etc who have about a month to go (i have 9 weeks left) and their bumps are so much smaller, im so jealous as Im so big and this is my first!


pomny143 - December 6

I didn't even show a bit until my sixth month with my first born. Now I am 5 1/2 months and looking like a house....a very large house....with guest quaters! I heard that it is very normal to be larger the second time around.



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