Size Of The Baby

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Martha2007 - March 14

In your 20 week u/s did they tell you the length and weight of the baby.? I asked my doctor and he said they won't be able to calculate it as the baby is bigger now. Is it the same everywhere or depends on the u/s machines? My stomach is not growing much from 19th week, I heard every week it will grow dramatically but not noticing much. Heartbeat is strong and checking it regularly. From which week I will start noticing big bump?


Martha2007 - March 14



Kime - March 14

When i went for my 20 weeks scan, she weighed in at 10.5 ounces, which is right on track i believe. I asked how long she was and the tech said she could'nt tell b/c she is scrunched up in there. Im now 24 weeks and from what i read she should be a pound by now and about a foot long. But ya all they would tell me was the weight.


Marie6549 - March 14

What do you mean he won't be able to calculate it as the baby is much bigger now?? What is he talking about, has he not heard of growth scans? I swear I do not know how some doctors became doctors!! :0) My 21 week ultrasound he weighed 14oz and was 16.5cm crown to rump. I have to have growth scans at 28 weeks and 34 weeks so they can keep an eye on how big my little man gets, so they will be checking for length and weight. Also he will be MUCH bigger than the 20 week u/s so it is easy for them to do and shoudl be something standard. How bizarre! xx


javidsgirl - March 14

i just had my u/s today and my baby weighted 225g so half a pound


c_baer19 - March 14

Yeah, I asked about length etc. at my 20 week U/S, and the tech said they can't really measure it and have to do it in parts, because they can't do crown to heel yet as the baby is all curled up. I did ask her to give me a crown to rump measurement, which was 13.6 cm or so, and the baby weighed in at 13 or so oz.


c_baer19 - March 14

Oh, and as for the big bump, women 'pop' at different times. I'm as far along as you are I think, and I have a belly but not what I would consider to be a big, noticeable, pregnant bump.


bvue - March 14

I just had my 20 wks u/s last week and my baby weighs 12 ounces. The tech told me she could measure the length due to baby curled up. Sounds like these post are all similar. At least you should get the weight.


MNMOM - March 14

At my 20 wk ultrasound they estimated my baby weighted 11 oz. In terms of my belly size, I had a huge growth spurt between 21-25 weeks!


britt_m - March 14

At the 20 week u/s mine was 12 oz. and my growth spurt was at 26 weeks, so it really depends on your body frame and weight.


sahmof3 - March 15

At my 20 week u/s with my daughter they estimated her to be about 10 oz. (she was born 10 days early and weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz. 20 1/2") and at my 17 week u/s with my son they estimated him to be a big baby... already a pound (he was born big, too... at 10 lbs. 6 oz. and 22 3/4").


Martha2007 - March 15

Thanks to all. My tech said she could give an approximate estimate weight of the baby but not the length. She said it is 40 ounce at 19 week 5 days which is impossible. 40 oz is already 2 pounds weight. There is a chance that she would have said 14 0z. and we might have overheard it as 40 ounce instead of 14 oz. Even my husband said he heard it as 40 OZ. She also said it is normal. After I came back home I checked the baby weight at 20 week and 40 oz is too big at 20th week. I have an appt again next week and I will clarify with the doctor again. Thanks.. I hope to see a big bump next 3 weeks. Recently couple of people asked me if I am pregnant. I am also feeling little kicks and that is exciting to feel.


pops - March 15

when i had my 20 week u/s they didint tell me at all how much she weighed or what she measured were they meant to at this stage


Allisonc79 - March 15

I started getting big around my 18 or 19th week and it seems as if I get bigger every day. I am having the opposite problem! I am even starting to feel a little on the wobbly side, and the kicking is kinda constant now.


wailing - March 15

I really didn't start to fully show until around 23 wks. I had a bump but not as big as now. Around 6 months u should have a belly growth spurt


squished - March 18

At 21w our little one was 10 1/2 inches long and weighed 14 ounces.



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