Skin Changes

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MM - May 10

Okay, I've always had fairly good skin (a little dry in some areas but overall pretty good). In the last few weeks I've had quite a few zits on my face & a few days ago I got these painful, bright red rashes under my arms. It appears to be a reaction to my deodorant, which I've been using for weeks, no problem. Has anyone else had this problem? Does it help to buy non-scented?


Micky - May 10

The zits could be due to hormones...I did get red rashes under my arms and that was from the deodrant...I had used the same deodrant for a long time without any problems...but sometimes..the skin starts reacting...What I realised was the deodrants with aloe vera were irritating my skin...It never caused any problem earlier....So, now I use deodrants which do not have aloe vera..


Erynn21 - May 11

I haven't had breakouts, but I noticed I went in the sun and turned red within like 10 minutes, which never happens to me. I had to put on sunscreen immediately. I also did get one huge zit on my chin, but not all over. Also my freckles on my nose are way darker, ahhh,, those lovely hormones.


SuzieQ - May 12

I've been getting little red bumps on my face, almost like zits, but not quite. Foundation seems to cover them. Also, I've been getting small dry patches too, which sucks. Drinking lots of water seems to help with both though :)


squished - May 12

I had the deoderant thing happen too. I've used the same kind for a ocuple of years and all of a sudden it made me break out. I switched to that Dove deoderant and no problems. Also, sometimes when I lay out I get almost what looks like a rash on my legs which has never happened before.


KellyO - May 15

I know how you ladies fell. Mine has even spread to my back and shoulder area. I asked my doc about it and she said it is the hormones. She recommended Proactiv. I know it is quite expensive, but if you are like me, you will do anything to get them to go away. You can only order through the home shopping networks and It definitely work though and she said it was okaay to use when preggo!


bambi - July 14

I also wanted to use proactive for my skin and I even called to order by that time I was pregnant and the proactive rep said that they dont advise to use proactive while pregnant ,so pls dont use it better to be rashy or bumpy then sorry bambi



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