Skin Is Better Than Before

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Brenda M - March 1

I'm (34) and currently 22 weeks pregnant. Most of my life, I've had to deal with pimples and breakouts, and though not truly, "acne," there was rarely a time when I didn't have at least one or two huge pimples somewhere on my face, usually along the jawline. When I learned I was pregnant, I immediately thought of the baby acne I would be facing, and to be honest, it scared the life out of me! Well, lo and behold, during this entire pregnancy, my face completely cleared up, and I can't remember the last time over the past five months that I've had even a red spot anywhere on my fact--it's magical! My question is this--is it really because of the pregnancy, or might it be due to the fact that I've completely given up drinking any type of soda? I'm interested to know if anyone else's skin has actually gotten clearer since they've been pregnant. Thanks in advance!


Brenda M - March 1

That should be "anywhere on my FACE," not on my "fact." Thanks again!


Tanna - March 1

Lucky you! My face/jawline/neck has been breaking out in little pimple things since pregnant with this one and it is grossing me out!


Brenda M - March 1

Thanks for the response, Tanna, and I'm sorry you're having breakouts. I'm really think I'm going to stay off soda, even after the baby is born. In the meantime, just remember that in a few months, you'll have clear skin again, and I'll probably be right back in the pimple boat! Brenda


J - March 1

Brenda, me too!! I'm 35 and I've had to deal with pimples my whole life, even on my chest and back, which have made me miserable. I've tried every cleanser and topical treatment I could find, and nothing worked. I'm 31 weeks pregnant, and since the beginning of the second trimester, my skin has been beautiful. I haven't had a single pimple on my face or chest, and my back even looks much better. My skin is glowing. I don't know if it's because I have stopped drinking soda and am drinking lots of water, or if it's because I'm only using Dove and Cetaphil now and have stopped using any other cleansers. Let's hope this lasts!!


livdea - March 1

you girls are lucky and I'm jealous! I've never had perfect skin but's a disaster! It's painful and embarra__sing!! I hate it! I'm glad though that some people have a good gives me hope for the future!!


LEE - March 2

Can i know the s_x of the babe? coz i heard tat breakout for boy & beautiful for girl.


^lucy^ - March 2

actually i had a pimple or 2 appearing and disappearing throughout my pregnancy.. but i know that my hair has become much more better than before!! its easier to comb and it looks healthier and it became lighter in color i wonder how! im having a girl anyway so i wonder if those are signs :)


Lilly - March 2

Brenda, I am just like you! I've never had " acne" but always a few red pimples on my face, sometimes worse, sometimes better.... Now that I am pregnant, my face looks great! No pimples at all, I haven't looked like this since puberty! ;-) I really have been trying to eat healthy and less sugar so that might have contributed, but I also think its all the hormones....


Shell - March 2

I am 31, 16 weeks pregnant (almost 17), and my face has been breaking out like crazy. I wear foundation everyday on my face and wash it every night when I get home. I tried gentler cleansers and toners hoping that would help....but I'd wake up the next morning and I'd have another pimple staring at me. I asked my doctor if products with salicylic acid were safe, and she said yes. So, I went to the store and found Almay Skin Cleaing Foundation with salicylic acid. It has really helped to dry up those pimples and my skin is starting to look a lot better.


cheryl - March 2

Hi, i suffered bad breakouts i am now 24 weeks and my skin is so clear i no longer wear foundation which is great!! It seems beocming pregnant is the solution to getting rid of the spots!!


Lindi - March 3

Hi Brenda. I am 25 weeks now and my skin has never looked better. I've always had acne or rather pimples - on my face, neck and back, and ever since I am pregnant, it all cleared up!!!! LUCY FOR ME I suppose.... I am having a gril. Good luck to all of you!


Brenda M - March 3

Wow--isn't it interesting how pregnancy hormones affect different women? I was thinking that if they could bottle whatever it is that's been making my skin so clear, someone would make a mint. But it appears that the very same lotion would wreak havoc to others! I still think I'm going to try a sodaless diet after July, just for kicks. Brenda



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