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Ne - March 23

I have been breaking out (acne) for most of my pregnancy and it doesn't seem to be getting better (25 weeks) has anyone else experienced this or can help me reduce my break outs?


New_mom - March 23

I have the same problem too! I am 19 wks and I have just been drinking lots of water and it seems to be getting better.


tara - March 23

Hi - Drink alot of water, and wash your face 2 or 3 times a day with a good face wash and use toner before bed. Toners are especially helpful if you wear makeup. I also use a face exfoliator once a day. If you find you have acne on your back try the Tea Tree body wash. I havn't used it myself becuase the smell bothers me, but my sister has been using it for years and loves the product. She usually gets it from Lush, but I'm sure you can find it at other bath&body stores.


ann - March 23

ne........try dringking a gla__s of luke warm water in the morning as soon as u finish brushing ur theet without eating anything.............and like tara said wash ur face 2-3 times daily .......and use some good face wash i use loreal ........n that helps me a lot...........also if u can find some pure aleo vera gel just pain gel no mixing use that on ur face at bedtime ........n this will help u a lot i do these things myself and they are helping me a lot ..i m 22 weeks pregnant ..... all the best to all


amanda - March 24

my miracle is actually tea tree oil. the body was tara mentioned is made with it. I bought a bottle, and I wet a cotton ball and then add just a few drops of the oil (it stinks so bad!) and smooth it on my face. I used it even before i was pg! it works wonders, and if you ever get an underground one that hurts, put a qtip in the oil and apply it directly. avoid your eyes. you can get it at most any drug store.


monica - March 24

what dept. at the drug store is the tea tree oil located?


amanda - March 25

usually with the vitamins, or sometimes with burn or itch ointments, it comes in small bottles, ask the pharmacist if you don't see it.


sharon - March 27

my skin is dry,red and itchy:0( i also have lots of tiny spots on b___bs and belly.



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