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new mommy - May 1

I am in week 16 and can still at times sleep comfortably on my tummy. Only for a little while, but since this is the way I have always slept it is a really hard habit to break. Can that be harmful to my baby.


Susan W - May 1

No, but you won't be able to do it too much longer or your tummy will be in the way. I had to get a body pillow to stop me trying to roll onto my stomach, and that made me more comfortable anyway. What I missed more was being able to lay on my back :)


Ca__sie06 - May 1

Yeah, it sucks. I am 26 weeks now and I have never been able to sleep any way but on my stomach. So basically, I just dont sleep now!! I didnt start showing until about 20 weeks, and up until then I still slept on my stomach comfortably. Once my stomach popped out I cant sleep. It takes me hours to fall asleep on my side, and once I do after about an hour I end up rolling over onto my stomach, it hurts and wakes me up, then I have to go through the whole process again! I would def. try to start breaking this habit now while you can, before you get big and dont have a choice!!


amyn - May 1

I used to be a tummy sleeper and once I found out I was pregnant I started trying to sleep on my left side. What I found that helps is I have a pillow in front of my tummy that I can tuck under it, then a pillow between my legs and a pillow behind my back and I haven't had too many problems with that at all.


new mommy - May 1

thanks guys. I am glad to here that I am not unintentionally squishing "bun".


anechka - May 1

I'm 17 weeks and I still sleep on my tummy, unless it starts to make me nauseated! I love sleeping on my tummy... I hope it's not bad for the baby!!! but im not showing yet so it should be fine... Susan W, how come you can't lay on your back?!?!?!


Susan W - May 1

The weight of your uterus after about 4 months reduces blood flow if you lay on your back for long periods of time. It's OK to lay on your back for doctor's appointments and stuff like that, but no exercises that involve laying on your back and no sleeping on your back (if you can help it) after about 4 months. There's a good section on sleep and pregnancy in the What to Expect book (not my favorite book, but it's a great quick reference for little questions like this one is.)


SuzieQ - May 2

I use a pillow too, and instead of laying on my belly, I bend one leg up to and put the pillow under my leg (?!?). Then my belly has some space to not get aquished.


AmyF - May 2

This thread really helped me out! I'm 16w4 days and I tried laying on top of my thinnest body pillow and HOLY MOLEY- I slept like a baby- my hips didn't fall asleep and I was surprisingly comfortable in the belly region. :) Last night was the first night in weeks I actually got a decent night's sleep.


melle - May 3

Question??? Why is it important that we sleep on our left sides during pregnancy? I can fall asleep just fine on my left but I toss and turn in my sleep and end up on my right side or my back.


Karen_Fletcher - May 3

Hi, to mellie... sleeping on your side id he best way to feed blood andd nutrients to your placenta where as sleeping on your back especially in the 3rd trimester can cause damage to your organs and placenta (due to baby's inceasing weight) hope this helps. I too have found it much more comfy with my body pillow with abit tucked between my legs ang hugging the top!! lol


mommatx - May 4

I'm having a hard time with sleeping on my side. I too am a face down sleeper. If I cant sleep that way its on my back. I have never been comfortable on my side. it has been a real challenge for me to get to sleep on my side, even with pillows propping me up everywhere. Its just uncomfortable. I wake up in the middle of the night ,on top of all the pillows i carefully positioned around me, on my back!



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