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c_barton71 - February 26

When I am sleeping and Im laying on my right side and I roll over to my left side, could it harm the baby if I roll over to fast?!?! I'm 17 weeks pregnant and am not showing, I was told that once i start showing and I can feel the baby then i might not roll over so fast?!? I don't realize I do it until after I've rolled over. Also some nights I wake up sleeping on my back is that bad for the baby as well?!?


Kime - February 26

Ya your not supposed to sleep on your back, but believe me i always roll over t my back. Its kinda hard not too. im 21 weeks not and it's just getting plain annoying to even go to sleep b/c i can never get comfortable. I always kinda swith from side to side throughtout the night and it's so weird b/c i can feel her moving in my belly when i do. Hvae you gotten a pregnancy pillow yet? I know they have some at bed bath and beyond for like 20 dollars, and ive been told they really help. here lately i have been sleeping with a pillow behind my back or ill put it on the side of my stomach and it keeps me from rolling on my stomach and my back. I would try a pillow and you'll see a big difference....


mommybabyboy21 - February 26

if your no showing yet the dr told me its ok to sleep on your back but you should start to train yourself not to. And when you are bigger you won't be able to roll over to fast...and if you do, because I have...your baby will kick and let you know that s/he didn't like that at all. though it doesn't harm them because they are protected they just don't like it and they let you know it!!! And the pillow suggestion that kime said is the best that is what I find helps me not to roll on my back I put a pillow behind me so if I do I am still kind of angled off to my side.


suze42 - February 26

Pregnancy pillows are a must! I made a smaller version b/c they can take up quite alot of room. I made mine from a king size pillow, cut it in half and sewed it back up. I used it thru pg w/ DS4 and never stopped (its been 5 yrs using it) I call it my bed buddy and my DH despises it!! LOL.


excited2bemama - February 26

I wouldn't worry about it- Rolling over definately isn't a problem and alot of docs don't even tell woman that they can't lie on her back anymore. I try to lie on my side but I end up on my back everynight.... Oh and body pillows are great- I just bought one yesterday and it helps alot.


Tammy276 - February 26

I wouldn't worry about it. The larger you get, the slower you will be rolling.....I am 36 weeks and it takes me forever to roll from one side to the other, there is no fast rolling!! And sleeping on your back as you get larger is fine also, just make sure are either at an incline or you put a towel or pillow under one of your hips to offset your body.



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