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jb - August 22

Okay I have heard when you are pregnant you cannot sleep on your back, although I havent read this in my "what to expect when your expecting book". Anyways, I often fall asleep on my back or wake up and realize I am laying on my back. Sometimes when I get up my stomach is kind sore and stiff, like Ive been excercising it or something. Is it causing any stress or damage to the baby by me laying on my back? If not then does anyone know why my stomach feels like that sometimes when I wake up? Oh yeah, I guess i should say that I am 15 weeks and showing a little. I have been wearing maternity clothes b/c all of my pants were getting tight. But i dont look obviously pregnant.


Erin - August 22

I asked my dr. about the lying on your back issue. She said that for about 25% of women, lying on your back can restrict blood flow and will cause them to feel light-headed or uncomfortable, but if it feels OK than it is OK. Maybe the fact that you're uncomfortable when you wake up means you should stay on your side, or maybe you're just tensing it during the night because you're aware of protecting the baby.


Brandy - August 22

JB, I often wake up in the morning with my stomach feeling sore and tight. According to everything I have read and from what others have told me, during the night there is alot of ligament moving and stretching. Sometimes I feel like I have done about 1000 situps. Hang in there. I had that too around 14-18 weeks (now 22 weeks).


CM - August 23

If you're comfortable, you're fine. You'll know if it's a problem. With a late sono my last pregnancy and a recent one this time I became hot, weak and felt like I was going to pa__s out. I had to turn on my side. I tried to ignore it this recent time because I didn't want to stop the sono (like last time), but it got worse. You'll know if it's a problem for sure. BTW, it's never affected my stomach though.


Rebecca - August 23

I haven't actually asked my doctor about sleeping on your back but a friend of mine who's also pregnant asked hers and was told that it is best to try and sleep on your side, alot of pregnancy books say this also because you are restriciting blood flow, putting pressure on your organs because the uterus is squashed against them and this can lead to haemerroids and varicose veins. But I suppose you should just do what is comfortable.


M - August 23

JB, flip to page 208 'SLEEPING POSITION". this tells you what effects sleeping on your back does to you. I am 28 weeks tommorow and still wake up finding myself on my back. When I do realize that I was on my back I simply move on over to sleep on my left side. You might also find that sleeping with about 3-4 pillows will help. 1 or 2 for your head 1to grasp in front of you and one behind you. My poor husband gets barely any room now. lol But after a while you will find your comfort zone. And remember your belly b___tun will start to hurt too, as mine started really hurting around 20 weeks till still now. Now that was something that i never really thought would hurt, I always felt as I had done 1000 sittups in my sleep. LOL So good luck/health with your little one coming.



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