Sleeping On Back And Or Stomach

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beardtl - October 21

When are we supposed to stop sleeping on our backs or stomach? Since i've been preg I have only wanted to sleep on my back but i remember reading somewhere (just can't remember where) that while preg you are not supposed to sleep on your back. I try to sleep on my stomach but it gets uncomfortable sometimes- sleeping on my side is not working for me- I toss and turn all night- one side to the other. Sooo is it okay to sleep on my back- I am only 13 weeks?


Happymommy - October 21

Yes!! It's fine. A dr told me that when its not okay to sleep on your back, you'll be having discomfort and won't be able to sleep on your back. Our bodies naturally take care of themselves. Sleeping will get more and more uncomfortable the further along you get--so just do what works!


jennifer_33106 - October 21

You know, Enjoy the sleeping on your tummy and on your back now!! If I try to sleep on my tummy its like Im sleeping on a rock and on my back I cant breath I am so sick of sleeping on my sides. One side goes numb and then the other and I find myself waking upi all night unable to get comfy.Like HappyMommy said, you will know when you cant anymore. So take advantage now!!


Mel Page - October 22

I agree girl, sleep on that tummy and back while you still can and while it's still comfy. Good luck and God bless!!


ella431 - October 22

im almost 23 weeks and still sleep on my stomach, its actually still quite comfortable! I sleep on my back as well, so far so good! I know the day will come soon where I wont be comfortable doing either.


cayingo - October 22

I agree w/ the other girls. My OB said some time around 24 weeks to start trying to make a habit of falling asleep on your side so later it won't be as foreign.


Gemini_Girl - October 23

i think sides are best, plus they seem to be the only way you can be physically comfy later on, even though you need to keep changing sides and its such an effort just to roll over!


Albie - November 5

I would give my right arm to be able to sleep on my back still! I'm at 20w 5d, and have only been able to sleep on my side since probably week 5!! Try putting a pillow behind you and in front of you (under your belly) -- it makes it more comfortable.


ShoppingForTwo - November 6

"What to expect when your expecting", says not to sleep onyour back after 16 weeks. Said something about your heavy uterus or something can push down on the main vein carrying blood and you "could" cut off oxygen and blood flow to you baby. I'm sure its not commone but it could happen. If you don't have that book then you should buy it, its wonderful! Or you can just google it or go to webMB. The left side is best because the baby gets the best blood flow then.



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