Sleeping On Stomach Is It Safe

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Kristen - November 13

I am in my second trimester. I was wondering if it is safe to sleep on my stomach or not. I usually dont, but I just wanted to check. Thank you for your response.


Jessica - November 14

Yes it is. I got this from - You can sleep in any position that is comfortable without fear of harming the baby. Even resting on your back is perfectly okay. It is only in labor, when the uterine blood flow is somewhat compromised by the frequent contractions, that lying on one's back is not recommended. You may be able to sleep more comfortably during the last part of the pregnancy with a pillow between your legs, inclining towards your abdomen. That is a good compromise. Try not to worry. Your baby is fine in whatever position you choose.


shelly - November 18

My doctor said NO! Which is not what I wanted to hear since I am a stomach sleeper. However, in my 4th month now and it is very uncomfortable to sleep any which way except on my side.


Christine - November 18

I have a friend who slept on her stomach all the way through...I hear it is not good since it puts extra pressure on the uterus/baby...try to get used to your side...they say the left side is the best...helps circulation...I never liked to sleep anyway but on my side....for some reason now I end up on my back all the time...which is not good...but when I wake up I change positions and go back to sleep...good luck


claire - November 19

i used to always sleep on my tummy but now i find it too sore, like i can feel the pressure but i am in a bit of a situation as i cant sleep any other way, my b/f dreads going to bed at night lol.x


E - November 19

If you really want to I recommend using a body pillow to cushion your weight some. You will not be able to fully lie on your belly but it can be a comfortable alternative.


angela - November 19

My doctor and many other sources I have read say that the best position for blood flow to the fetus is on your side, left side especially. Lying on your stomach can restrict proper blood flow to the placenta. When lying on your back, you may be putting extra pressure on a major blood vessel due to the ever growing weight of your uterus. This could also compromise blood flow to the fetus. Your best bet is to always consult with your doctor, they are the ones that went to years of medical school...they are the experts.


Kim - December 8

I am 3 weeks 5 days pregnant and last night I didn't sleep well (first night knowing I was PG) and keep thinking and worrying I was squishing my baby! Am I nuts?!



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