Sleeping On The Right Side Plz Help Me

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babymad - April 24

Iam 27 weeks 6 days prego... We all know that it is best to sleep on the left side because of the blood circulation and the baby will get good blood supply.. But i cudnt sleep on the left side for 5 mts also because i have bad cramps in my left leg and my left hip is aching like h__l..I dont know what to do.. Iam sleeping on the right side only for the entire night.. I feel very guilty that i cant do it knowing some thing which is good for baby.. Sleeping on the right side is ok.??cos my left part of the body( legs, thighs and hips) hurts very much..


bellybubble - April 24

Wow I didnt even know that was supposed to be bad - I just thought dont lay on your back for extended periods of time - wish I could give you some advise but I sleep on my right side too - just cause its more comfy - I didnt think it hurt?? I will watch the answers of this post too! :) I am sure our bubs will be fine though.. :)


TJLebrija - April 24

well actually, I just heard from my cousin (who heard from her doctor) that it doesnt matter really what side you sleep on (that left side stuff is a fallacy)....they just dont want you sleeping on your back at all.....hope that puts your mind at ease


llukenjess - April 24

and it's not good for tummy sleeping either....but tjlebrija is right it doesn't matter what side you sleep on.....the left side is only preferred for increased circulation...the baby still gets the blood it needs! :-)


cnasmom - April 24

i hardly ever sleep on my left side, cuz for some reason i can't breathe as well and my left hip hurts too, really badly, i try sometimes, but i usually sleep on my right side and end up on my back! but i have 2 other kids and they are perfectly healthy! so no worries!!!!


softbreeze200 - April 24

I too fall asleep on my right side and end up on my back. Being on my back is actually the most comfortable position for me. Don't worry, your body will adjust itself before you do any damage to anything! Just sleep and don't worry!! Get as much rest as you can now!! :)


MelanieC - April 24

i asked my gyn about that this morning, i too have trouble staying on my left side, and they kept pounding it into our head at our prenatal cla__ses, the gyn said not to worry, they recommend it because when sleeping on your left, you don't the major blood vessels going to the baby fro your heart, if you do somehow pinch a major blood vein, you will start feeling it before it gets to the baby, she said if you feel pain, aches, or your legs/feet fall asleep, then you have to change position, as long as you don't stay in that position a long time, baby is more than ok, and she a__sured me that even when you are sleeping your body knows enough to switch to whatever position is more comfortable, or even wake you up so you will switch, so don't worry, it's worse at the end of the third trimester because of the possibility of blood cloths or fainting, but some women will sleep on their right or even on their back all through the pregnancy with no problems, they just don't want you sleeping on your belly (one of my friends did sleep on her belly for both her pregnancies, she is a tiny framed woman so perhaps it didn't bother her, but still both babies are fine) don't worry, your body will let you know :) same thing for the pillow under your legs thing, i have been "trying to do that for the past few weeks, i start out ok but in the morning, i find the pillows have been kicked on the floor, so that's not working either haha good luck to you!


Alison - April 24

When I was expecting my DD I always tried to lie on my side, either one, but would favour the left side as had read it was the "ideal" sleeping position. But I didn't feel it was a risk to sleep on my right side, I had to sometimes as I would get sore from being on the same side for a long period. I did end up on my back alot and would wake up and find myself on my back, but later on in the pregnancy it became alot easier to avoid ending up on my back as when I did I couldn't breathe properly from the weigh of my bump and would have to turn back onto my side! What was fun though was when I would be on one side and want to turn over to lie on the other side cos I was getting stiff or sore, and I had to take hold of my bump and sort of "heave" my weight over to lie on the other side, sometimes my DH had to literally roll me over lol! I can understand why the left side is the best position, but I also feel the right side is not going to do any harm to the baby. I would think lying on your back for a long time, or lying on your tummy would pose a possible risk, but even then I imagine everything would still be ok! Oh and I had pillows between my legs too it does help a little. Try not to worry (easier said than done I know!) I am sure lying on your right side is perfectly fine :-)



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