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TUMMY AND BACK - January 5

I'm 3 months pregnant and wake up sometimes in the middle of the night slightly on my tummy is this going to harm the baby? Another is I wake up alot on my back because this is the only way I seem to be comfortable what is safe and not safe?


Kiddolebel - January 5

No it wont harm the baby, your fine =) As for waking up on your back, your fine =) Drs will tell you that you'll know when its unsafe because you wont be comfortable doing it. The baby will let you know. Left side is preferred but right side is fine too drs say. BTW I slept on my tummy when i was pregnant with my son until it was uncomfortable, same when I would find myself on my back. This pregnancy I still do the same as Im 19 weeks along. Its not till the end or towards the end that it becomes more of a concern. Good luck!!


Daytona - January 5

HI I am 26 weeks and i still sleep on kinda half of my tummy its weird but comfortable.


ry - January 5

they are right, if you are able to lay on your stomach you are fine-enjoy it while u can! as for your back, they say after 5 months you really should not lay on your back for prolonged periods because it could cut the oxygen supply off to the baby-but I have never heard of anyone's baby suffocating from this. So I would try to avoid it but not panic if you wake on your back. I heard body pillows can help. Good luck with your pregnancy!


a bird - January 5

I'm 25 weeks preg, & still sort of lean on my tummy somtimes. I agree that it can be a little weird-feeling, but baby is apparently doing just fine. Still kicking lots throughout the day, heart still beating strong.


Kiddolebel - January 6

Body pillows are WONDERFUL! especially when you have one behind your back supporting you or having it in front of you and another pillow behind you. Good investment. Too bad i got mine AFTER my last pregnancy. So now I have it with this one.



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