Sleeping On Your Left Side

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emily - October 29

I try to sleep on my left side, but it's so uncomfortable. I am 18 weeks pregnant, I like sleeping on my stomach or my right side, but now I am afraid I can hurt my baby. What do you do and how you stay in one position all night long?


E - October 29

It is almost impossible to avoid my right side but I have to switch eventually b/c I wake up and I am numb head to toe on the right. Very stange and just started happening in my 18th week. I heard body pillows are recommended.


kat - October 30

is it bad to sleep on the right side? I have ben trying to sleep on my left side also but the right side is so much more comfortable. I thought the back was the bad postion. Please let me know Thanks.


Sabrina - October 30

Slept on right side through all first pregancy. Vaby kicked like crazy if turned onto left. Came out fine - don't worry about it - just get some sleep!


christine - November 1

It is better to sleep on your left side because somehow it helps the circulation going to the baby so the baby will get the nutrients when it needs to. I dont think there is really any problem with sleeping on your right side, I've just been told (and read) not on your back after week 16.


E - November 1

Found this: Sleeping comfortably while pregnant can be very hard indeed, and will only become more difficult as your pregnancy progresses. Pregnant women are commonly advised against sleeping on their backs once they reach the 2-3 month period. This is because of the weight of the baby and uterus can compress the inferior vena caver, which takes blood from your lower body to the heart, which may cause dizziness, sweaty and have palpitations. Is this reaction dangerous ? Only if you ignore it. The reaction is strong enough that most people would quickly change position, and so it wouldn't be a very long period of unease, which wouldn't actually cause any harm to your baby. IF however you do ignore the signals, you may black out and lose consciousness. In any event, there are very few woman who could actually lie on their backs when in advanced pregnancy, and needn't worry about this at all. Pregnant woman are advised to try and sleep on the left side, as the liver is a large organ, and occupies the right upper side of the stomach.


G - November 1

Not until recently that I found out pregnant woman is adviced to sleep on her left side. Before that I always slept on my back. But no good feeling at all. I experienced nightmares, sweating and dizziness. I can tell why now. My position affects my blood cirriculation. In your case, as long as you feel OK, I think left or right makes no difference at all.


E - November 2

It effects my circulation also. If I sleep on my left side, I wake up with the entire left half "asleep". All the way to my foot. I hate having to sleep on my right side. I was on my back for a while last night and started to feel lightheaded after I read what can happen. Psychological? Maybe, but it was scary so I quickly switched to my right half.


angela - November 19

you can sleep on your right side... The left side is just preferrable for better digestion and blood flow. Left or right side is fine, use pillows between your knees, behind your back or under your belly, it makes it more comfy and helps you stay in that position.


H - November 20

Im pregnant too and i cant sleep on my left side at all...and neither do anyone that i talk to that is pregnant...sometimes when u really think about it...everyone tellin u what u can and cant fo during pregnancy..for example...dont smoke, dont drink alcohol, dont lift anything, dont raise your arms ver ur head...what about back when ur grandparents were born or even pregnant with ur parents they didnt know half of this stuff and everything was the same as far as birth and the child went...mabe there were cases of miss carrage..but we still have miss carrage today so I try not to let people tell me those things and i dont wworry about it..whatever makes you comfortable obviously will make the baby comfortable.... no one can expect to live uncomfortable for nine months thats just not good for u and ur relax...take it easy and do whats normal ur body will let u know if somethings worng that you need to cange...good luck to u and u will be fine!


bry - November 29

sleep when you can however you can, your body will tell you when to move, before any harm is done


Nikki - December 26

Soon, sleeping on your side or back will be all you can do. Before my first pregnancy I slept on my tummy. I learned to sleep on my left side, but when that side got tired, I would switch to my right side, then my back, but when I got bigger, lying on my back was not comfortable either, so it was left or right all night. By the time I would get comfortable, I'd have to go pee AGAIN. Then it would take me forever to get comfortable enough to go to sleep, then the baby would kick, then I would have to pee AGAIN. This is your body's way of preparing you for a newborn! LOL


Nikki - December 26

For the record, lying on your left side is easier on blood flow, that is why it is recommended during preganancy, when it is harder for your body to pump blood (because there is so much more of it.) I learned this when I developed hypertension during 8th month of my previous pregnancy. People with hypertension (pregnant or not) are recommended to lie on left side, as well as people with heart trouble.


monique - July 24

i have lower abdomen pain on the left side what is this


susie - September 2

Try sleeping on ur right side, i have asked my doctors what the best postions to sleep in and she said on ur sides, but ur left is the best. Also try sleeping on ur right side when you feel you have eaten to much and your really full, it helps empty the stomach. U can also sleep ur back but only until ur 4 months,after that dont because it cuts the air circulation to ur baby. When ever you fear something is wrong with your baby you will know, doctors say anything that is going to harm the baby youll feel first.


Blaire - December 28

i am 22 weeks pregnant and i need to know if it is ok to be sleeping on my stomach , i cant seem to stay on my back or side


Stephanie - December 29

If anything sleeping on your tummy is uncomfortable, and will get more and more uncomfortable. Sleeping on your back can cause bloodflow problems for your baby. Sleeping on your side is one of the best ways. It is fine to switch sides while you sleep- perfectly normal. If you wake up on your back or tumm, do not panic, just roll over on your side.



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