Sleeping On Your Side

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Melissa - April 5

Some books I have read say that you should sleep exclusively on your left side. Others do not mention anything about this. I have a very hard time sleeping on my left side. Anyone have any info/suggestions?


Kara - April 6

I read that too. The book I was reading said you should try and do this after the 4th month because the weight of your bump presses on the artery or vein that travels down underneath it and can inhibit blood circulation to baby and you. Apparently left side is best for circulation. Right side is ok I think, and stomach eventually out for obvious reasons! Still, I don't think it's worth freaking out about. Try it if you can but if you wake in the middle of night sleeping some other way don't worry.


Linda - April 6

I wouldn't worryl. I am sure that most of us "pregnant ladies" don't sleep exclusively on our left side. I sleep on which ever side I am comfortable, alternating, with a pillow between my legs and very often wake up on my back during the night. I am at 23 weeks, my stomach is quite big (second pregnancy) and I have been sleeping like this during my first pregnancy as well. Books tell you what the BEST is for you and your baby, but it doesn't mean that a different position puts you or your baby at a risk. It's nothing to worry about. With time you will get used to sleeping on your sides, since any other position will become uncomfortable.


Foxy - April 7

I heard about that too, but over the last few nights I've found sleeping on my side very uncomfortable and the only way I've been able to get to sleep is on my back.


Louise - April 11

I had the same confusion from different advice from several books. My doctor told me that either side is okay, but on your back is not. I have slept on my back my whole life and I have had terrible insomnia from trying to stay on my side. A lot of the time I wake up on my back and get myself all worried that I have caused some sort of harm to the baby. I just try and remind myself that years before the internet or a zillion pregnancy books women still had babies! I am still trying to do my best with side thing, but also relax and not freak out over waking up on my back. Good luck.



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